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We are a prominent supplier to the transportation sector. Because of this, our transportation logistics software services are specifically designed to meet the needs and specifications of the sector. So, choose SISGAIN in the UAE for unique logistics and transportation software development.




Traffic Management


Public Transport


Fleet management


Car Rentals


Parking Management


GPS Tracking


Warehouse Management

Development of Software for Transportation and Logistics

For corporations, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, SISGAIN provides best-in-class business services. We can develop fresh, dependable solutions for our clients thanks to the latest technology and specialised programmes we have deployed hence assisting them to enhance the value of their enterprises in the UAE.

Software for transportation management systems

We specialise in designing transportation solutions with complex logistics for significant enterprises throughout the world.


Automation of Workflows

We have years of expertise implementing the top blockchain technologies for the creation of applications in the fields of logistics and transportation. We have undoubtedly assisted organisations in improving security, contract management, and client loyalty.



We have data analytics specialists. To construct interactive dashboard systems, they may evaluate unstructured data from a variety of sources. Due to their little technological understanding, they have proven to be helpful for clients.


IoT Solutions

We have IoT specialists that can develop monitoring systems. Consequently, maintain logistics and transportation of equipment.


Controlling costs

A group of committed developers work with us. They promise to assist you develop original and cutting-edge solutions that will help businesses manage their costs and total budget.

Solutions for Software Development in Public Transportation

We design software for public transportation. This enables us to provide agencies the tools that will give customers a secure, straightforward, and efficient transportation experience.


Telematics Tools

Our software for public transit includes vehicle tracking, which enables customers to monitor real-time speed, photos, distance, position, and other data.


Transportation Mapping Software

We have programmers that can quickly set up GPS software systems with drive-time radii, mapping, and interactive map displays.


Flow Software

We have cutting-edge machine learning-based route optimization software. As a result, government agencies provide better services at cheaper rates.


Program for Paratransit

Use our paratransit software for assistance with transportation. You receive a scheduling platform, communication portals, etc

Logistics Software Solutions

We provide the most scalable logistics and transportation scheduling software to our clients. In other words, this software satisfies the expanding requirements of businesses everywhere. In order to offer effective solutions in the IT industry, we have developed custom features with carefully thought-out UI designs.


Logistics & Transport

We have developed specialised logistics applications for web and mobile platforms to boost user engagement and deliver real-time data.


Order Control

We have a fantastic staff with extensive experience of several software platforms, and we successfully linked our AIS and ERP software to offer innovative business solutions to startups and established companies.


Storage Management

We offer management software for warehouses that is AI-enabled so that companies can simply track their software logistics, inventory, and increase transparency.



Purchase our RPA technologies for financial organisations so they may take over all labour-intensive procedures. Clients receive secure software, to sum up.


Purchasing Software

You may acquire effective, efficient, and flexible logistical operations with the aid of our transportation management system software for supply chain systems.


Data Transfer

Blockchain applications can be deployed thanks to our development of logistics applications. These applications guarantee security while bringing transparency to all financial ecosystems.

Logistic Companies' System Integrators

There are several distinct branches within the logistics and transportation industry. However, whether you need freight forwarding, warehouse management, or fleet management software, we can help.


Audit Software

Our created audit software, called parcel audit software, aids in finding any billing problems as well as measuring delivery discrepancies and providing performance trackers and cost-related recoveries.


System for Managing Warehouses

Our warehouse management solutions are used to track activity, control movements, and store items.


Management applications

Our transport management software assists in optimising all shipping operations by automating every step, provides insightful data, lowers costs, and does much more to assist a business in achieving its objectives


Route Planners

Drivers for courier services, fleet managers, and service dispatchers are some of our transportation management solutions for route planning systems. Our route planning tool may adjust routes to accommodate several stops.

Activation Models

Use our technical advances to keep you on the right track with the expanding requirements of the transportation and logistics sector.


Developmental Group

To provide our clients with the best skilled software, we have a fantastic team approach for our logistics management software.


Conversion of Data

Unstructured data may be readily managed by our bespoke programmes, which can then transform it into structured and useful products. We use data patterns to communicate among our developers.


Models based on projects

In order to create software that meets the demands of the customer, our project-based model for transport planning software enables collaboration with professionals.



Our team extension approach enables our clients to add the appropriate skills to their teams as needed for a project.


Service Models For Transportations and Logistics

Our extensive knowledge and skills have been crucial for geographical data analytics, navigation, integrations, and other processes in addition to assisting transportation companies and logistic service providers.


Our technical guidance will eventually help your firm stay on top and adapt to shifting market trends by showing you how to transform your creative ideas into effective goods.


Advanced Technology

By implementing the most cutting-edge technologies to your software, you will find a more streamlined business process.


Solution Techniques

You may be sure that you will get the seamless releases you expected and access a faultless software infrastructure by depending on our top-notch frameworks and established processes.



Most significantly, the entire software development life cycle will be covered. developing a solution vision via engineering implementations, starting with requirements.

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