Definition of a Telemedicine App

The demand for healthcare services has dramatically grown after the COVID-19. We have seen a significant transition in recent times from traditional health services to online medical consultations! Doctors are now reachable from the convenience of our homes! Solutions for telemedicine apps in UAE make all of this feasible.

Your search ends at SISGAIN if you're looking for quality-guaranteed telemedicine development solutions in the UAE. We have made a name for ourselves as a trusted provider of telemedicine software. Our company has more than 13 years of industry experience. We are aware of the present-day demands and needs for medical facilities and on-call physicians. We provide outstanding telemedicine app development in the UAE with the help and assistance of our knowledgeable and expert software developers. Our business adheres to HL7 standards and provides an excellent, HIPAA-compliant online consulting platform. We also work hard to offer well-crafted, personalised telemedicine software development services while taking our foreign clients' needs and requirements into account.

Our Highlighted Services


Modern technologies

The application was created by our telemedicine app developers using the most recent and cutting-edge tools and resources. The AI-driven smart solutions help boost productivity and lighten the load on medical professionals who must do manual tasks. Virtual reality and the Internet of Things are two more technologies that have grown significantly in importance as performance enhancers.


Exceptional Care

We work to improve the user experience and healthcare by utilising the best and most cutting- edge technology and solutions. We provide top-notch e-prescriptions, remote patient monitoring, and online consultations! Our telemedicine programmes for healthcare provide comprehensive catered solutions with quality assurance.


Cloud-Based Applications

The creation of cloud-based telemedicine applications by SISGAIN aids in the storage of medical data. It helps to increase and better the operations' productivity and efficiency. Patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals may easily and securely save, exchange, and access information and data.


Cloud-Based Applications

The creation of cloud-based telemedicine applications by SISGAIN aids in the storage of medical data. It helps to increase and better the operations' productivity and efficiency. Patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals may easily and securely save, exchange, and access information and data.


Discreet Platform

Our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app development services are produced by SISGAIN UAE. To preserve the privacy of our clients and users, we have put the finest tools into place. No other party may access health-related information without authorization. It is a secure and secured platform. All of our users' privacy concerns are respected, as is their significance.


Client Services

We have a top-notch, friendly customer care team entrenched. Users may look up their inquiries at any moment with the use of the AI-based built-in software capability. For inquiries and problems from customers, we provide a great support system.


The telemedicine application for healthcare must have some of the essential characteristics for the goal in order to have a smooth and easy workflow. We want to increase the effectiveness of the app and medical services by doing this.


In our telemedicine app development solutions, we have included the most important and necessary elements. These characteristics help the app provide its users with a better and richer experience. Every day, we work to reduce the distance and gap between patients and doctors.

Patient Portal

Health-Care Portal

This function helps users register and validate patients. A patient may establish their profile by supplying their personal information, contact information, medical needs, and history, among other things. The patient portal enables users to schedule doctor-patient consultations and review appointment information.

Medical Practitioners Profile

Profile of Health Care Professionals

The input data must be provided by medical professionals and must include personal information, contact information, medical speciality, credentials, experience, and more. They must also offer the appointment times and scheduled times for booking.

Appointment And Scheduling

Reservations and Scheduling

A patient can readily make appointments online with licensed doctors at the time slots that are specified by them. Doctors can review their appointment information and discover the patient's medical requirements.

Push Notifications

In-App Notifications

Our telemedicine software development has an inbuilt push notification capability. It is useful for informing and warning consumers about critical messages. They receive information about payments, chat messages, scheduled appointments, and consultations.

EHR And EMR Integration

Integrating EMR and EHR

Doctors, patients, and healthcare professionals have easy access to reports and information thanks to integrated EHR and EMR capabilities. Additionally, it helps to keep the health records safe.

AI-Enabled Chatbots

AI-Powered Chatbots

Our solutions now include chatbots that assist in resolving commonly requested inquiries and other issues. They also help with other problems' resolution. In this approach, we want to provide users with 24/7 customer assistance. The burden of providing manual client service is lessened.

Live Video Consultation

Video Consultation in Real Time

A top-notch feature for video consultations is provided by the telemedicine app we developed in the UAE. A virtual consultation between a doctor and a patient is possible with a reliable internet connection. Secure data encryption is ensured by our software.

Audio Calls and Live Chat

Live chat and audio calls

An audio call or a live chat feature can be used to conduct a virtual consultation between a doctor and a patient more quickly. They will be able to contact and communicate with one another in a convenient manner at any time.

Cloud-Based Software for Telemedicine

The Most Innovative Elements Of Our Telemedicine Applications

To improve the calibre of healthcare facilities and services, we work to provide innovative and empowering features in the development of our telemedicine applications. Use our solutions to boost your output and outcomes in the healthcare sector.


We have created effective models and frameworks that make it simple to monitor the patient's health from a distance. It can record the patient's vitals and health status using cutting-edge technology and built-in AI algorithms.



Between the connected patient and lab organisation, lab results and outcomes are submitted to the application. Both patients and physicians may easily access the lab records due to it.



In situations of emergency or urgency, our built-in geo-location technology assists in hunting down and identifying the closest medical facilities or pharmacies. To utilise this function, connect your smartphones or other smart devices to GPS.



Our programmers have integrated an operating system for electronic prescriptions. The healthcare practitioners can directly send a patient's medical prescriptions to nearby pharmacies or medicine retailers.

Innovative Medical Services

The state and conditions of the healthcare industry have steadily improved and extended with the advent of technology and telemedicine development.

Development Services for Telemedicine Software

We make it possible for you to provide remote health services by enabling telehealth software solutions. To increase the effectiveness and calibre of medical treatment, we educate and train.

HL7 And HIPAA-Compliance

HIPAA compliance and HL7

We've created a secure platform by adhering to HIPAA regulations. Our HL7 connections enable the software and app to adhere to appropriate operational requirements.

Tailored Mobile Solutions

Personalised Mobile Solutions

Our programmers provide specialised mobile frameworks and telemedicine app development solutions. It provides doctors and patients with a streamlined and improved experience for connecting with one another.

Medication Tracker

Tracker for medications

Real-time patient medical progress tracking is a tool offered by healthcare service companies. Through the system's software, they can keep track of, watch over, and record the information.

Medication Tracker

Cloud Storage

The providers, doctors, and patients can upload, save, transfer, or access the records kept in the cloud-based system using our compatible system.


The healthcare sector wants to build a variety of telemedicine software, not just one kind. For various uses, we provide specialised telemedicine app development in the UAE.


It is a fundamental telemedicine tool that allows individuals to seek for a doctor online to treat their medical conditions. Doctors can also interact with patients via a virtual consultation. It includes a patient portal, scheduling for appointments, real-time video consultations, etc.



RPM integrations are used in this subcategory of telemedicine software development services. Patients with chronic illnesses are more prone to utilise it. It helps to continuously observe and monitor the patients, gather their bodily vital signs, provide educational assistance, and support wearable technology.



This group includes patients searching for prompt, immediate consultation or medical care. It provides sophisticated capabilities including EHR and EMR connectors, staff management tools, and data management facilities in addition to the fundamental elements of in-chat conversation, audio/video calls, scheduling, and appointment setting.



People feel more comfortable and at ease through virtual and online consultations with a doctor than in-person appointments. It has shown improved relaxation and reduced stress. Also, patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc, have observed better results and performance in their health through consultations via telemedicine applications.

Technologies Used In The Development Of Our Telemedicine Software

For optimised user experiences and processes, SISGAIN's leading software developers have infused feature-rich technology into telemedicine app development in the UAE.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With its incorporation, our telemedicine application will benefit from automation and smooth operations, which will enhance user experience, performance, and productivity.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Our health software makes use of IoT since it makes it simple and seamless to integrate wearable technology, remote patient monitoring systems, medication trackers, etc. Patients' healthcare outcomes have improved as a result of it.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We have developed cloud-based telemedicine software in order to preserve correct storage of the important data and information. All medical and health records are securely stored there. Users can use genuine accessibility to access, share, save, and transfer this data.



Electronic medical and healthcare records may be maintained with the use of blockchain technology. It eliminates all of the flaws, faults, and exaggerated claims. It improves the system's efficiency and precision.

Development of SISGAIN's Telemedicine App in the UAE

SISGAIN is a prominent telemedicine app developer in UAE. We have been operating in the industrial sector for thirteen years. We provide dependable telemedicine app development services to healthcare organisations and industries. Our software engineers put a lot of effort into designing and creating high-quality apps. We offer top-notch software development services for telemedicine. By providing tailored solutions, we work to satisfy all of our clients' requirements and needs. Take advantage of our excellent and timely solutions at low telemedicine app development costs.

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