What is a Telemedicine App?

Since the time of the covid-19, the need for healthcare services has increased significantly. And during these times, we noticed a considerable shift of conventional health services to online medical consultations! We can now gain access to doctors and physicians from the comfort of our homes! All of that was possible due to telemedicine app development solutions.

If you are searching for quality-assured solutions in telemedicine, then your search comes to an end at SISGAIN. We have established ourselves as a recognized telemedicine software development company. Our organization possesses an industrial experience of more than 13 years. We understand the current-day needs and requirements for on-demand doctors and health-related facilities. And, with the aid and support of our skilled and adept software developers, we create exceptional telemedicine app development in UAE. Our company follows the HL7 standards and offers a top-notch online consultation platform that is HIPAA-compliant. Keeping into consideration the requests and requirements of our international clients, we also strive to provide well-crafted customized telemedicine software development services.

Our Featured Services


Latest Technologies

Our telemedicine app developers have embedded cutting-edge and up-to-date technologies and resources in the application. The AI-driven smart technologies assist in better productivity and reducing the burden of manual attention from medical practitioners. Among the many technologies, virtual reality along with the Internet of Things also have gained a lot of significance as performance boosters. Among the many technologies, virtual reality plus the Internet of Things help as performance boosters.


Quality Care

With the help of top-notch and advanced technologies and tools, we strive to enhance the experience and healthcare of the users. We provide high-quality online consultation, remote patient monitoring, e-prescriptions, and more! Our telemedicine applications for healthcare offers quality-assured and extensive cared solutions.


Reduces Service Expenses

Our telemedicine applications do not require high service or repair costs. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified software designers who create the app with minimum to no technical issues. And they are quick to solve the bugs which have a low-cost service.


Cloud-Based Software

SISGAIN renders cloud-based telemedicine application development, which helps in storing the health care data. It assists in improving snd boosting the productivity and efficiency of the operations. Healthcare providers, patients, and physicians can store, share, and access information and records conveniently and securely.


Secured Platform

At SISGAIN UAE, we create our telemedicine app development services which are HIPAA-compliant in nature. We have implemented the best tools to ensure client and user privacy protection. Without legitimate access, no third party can access health-related data. It is a protected and safe platform. We respect the privacy concerns and relevance of all our users.


Customer Care

We have embedded first-class and helpful customer care service. With the help of the AI-based inbuilt software feature, users can seek their queries at any point in time. We have an excellent support system for customer queries and issues.


In order to have a smooth and fluent workflow of the telemedicine application for healthcare, it is necessary that it incorporates some of the vital features for the purpose. By doing that, we endeavor to improve the efficiency of the app and medical services.



We have installed the most relevant and essential features in our telemedicine app development solutions. These attributes aid in offering an enhanced and enriched experience to the users of the app. We strive to improve the gap and distance between doctors and patients each day.


Patient Portal

This feature assists the users in registering and verifying a patient. By providing their personal details, contact details, medical requirements, and history, etc, a patient is able to set their profile. The patient portal permits the user to book doctor-patient consultation, and review through the appointment details.


Medical Practitioners Profile

Medical practitioners have to provide the input data, including personal details, contact info, medical specialization, qualifications, experience, and more. Along with that, they have to provide the appointment slots and scheduled timing for booking.


Appointment And Scheduling

A patient can easily book and schedule appointments online with the certified physicians as per the slot stated by them. Doctors can check their appointment details and learn about the patient's medical needs


Push Notifications

We have embedded the feature of push notification in our telemedicine software development. It is helpful in notifying and alerting the users regarding important messages. It informs them regarding an upcoming appointment, consultation, payments, or chat messages.


EHR And EMR Integration

With the integrated features for EHR and EMR, the doctors, patients, and healthcare providers have quick and direct access to the reports and records. It also assists in maintaining the health records securely.


AI-Enabled Chatbots

We have installed chatbots in our solutions that help in answering frequently asked questions, queries. They also aid in resolving other issues. That way, we aim to offer all-day and all-night customer support to the users. It eases the workload of manual customer assistance.


Live Video Consultation

Our telemedicine app development in UAE offers a high-quality feature for video consultation. With a stable internet connection, a doctor and a patient can connect for a virtual consultation. Our software ensures secure data encryption.


Audio Calls and Live Chat

A doctor and patient can also conduct virtual consultations through a faster way of audio calls or live chat features. That way, they can connect and reach out to one another at any time, conveniently.


Advanced Aspects Of Our Telemedicine Applications

We strive to deliver radical and empowering features in our telemedicine application development to enhance the quality of healthcare services and facilities. Introduce our solutions to improve your productivity and results in the healthcare industry.


We have developed efficient models and structures to enable a smooth experience for monitoring the patient's health from a remote distance. With the help of advanced gadgets and inbuilt AI systems, it can capture the vitals and health performance of the patient.



Lab results and outcomes are uploaded on the application between the linked patient and lab organization. It enables quick access to the lab records to both patients and providers.



Our inbuilt geo-location system helps in tracking and locating the closest healthcare units or pharmacies in times of emergency or urgency. Connect the GPS location of your phones or smart devices to use this feature.



Our developers have embedded an operative software for e-prescriptions. Nearby pharmacies or drug stores can directly receive the medical prescriptions of a patient from the healthcare providers.

Revolutionary Healthcare Services

With the arrival of advancement and telemedicine development, the condition and circumstances of the healthcare sector have gradually enhanced and expanded.

Telemedicine Software Development Services

We enable custom telehealth software solutions for you to deliver remote health services. Also, we educate and train to improve the efficiency and quality of medical care.


HL7 And HIPAA-Compliance

With HIPAA compliance, we have developed a secure platform. Our HL7 integrations allow the software and app to follow proper standards for operations.


Tailored Mobile Solutions

Our developers prepare tailored telemedicine app development solutions and frameworks for mobiles. It offers a seamless and enhanced experience to the doctors and patients for connecting with each other.


Medication Tracker

Healthcare service providers have the feature of tracking the medical progress of their real-time patients. They can track, monitor, and capture the details through the system's software.


Cloud Storage

Our compatible system enables the providers, physicians, and patients to upload, store, transfer, or reach the records saved in the cloud-based system.


Healthcare Sectors seek a variety of telemedicine software development, not just of one type. We offer custom-made telemedicine app development in the UAE for different purposes!


It is the basic telemedicine application where patients can look for a doctor online for their medical issues. Also, doctors can deal with patients through a virtual consultation. It consists of a patient portal, appointment scheduling, live video consultation, etc.



This category of telemedicine software development services incorporates RPM integrations. Patients who are a victim of chronic sickness are likely to use it.It assists in keeping a constant eye and monitoring of the patients, collecting their body vital signs, offering educational support, and supporting wearable gadgets.



Patients looking for a quick and instant consultation or medical attention fall under this category. Apart from the basic features of in-chat discussion, audio/video calls, scheduling, or appointment, it also has advanced features such as EHR and EMR integrations, staff management tools, and data management facilities.



People feel more comfortable and at ease through virtual and online consultations with a doctor than in-person appointments. It has shown improved relaxation and reduced stress. Also, patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc, have observed better results and performance in their health through consultations via telemedicine applications.

Technologies Embedded In Our Telemedicine Software Development

At SISGAIN, our top software developers have endowed feature-rich technologies in telemedicine app development in UAE for streamlined experience and workflows.


Artificial Intelligence

With the implementation in our telemedicine application, we harness the quality of seamless operations and automation for a better experience and improved performance as well as productivity.


Internet of Things

We have utilized IoT in our well-being app as it permits easy and seamless integration of wearable gadgets, remote patient monitoring systems, medication trackers, etc. It has led to an enhanced outcome in the healthcare status of patients.


Cloud Computing

In order to maintain proper storage of the vital data and info, we have crafted cloud based telemedicine software development. It safely keeps all the health and medical records. Users can access, share, store, transfer these data with the help of authentic accessibility.



Blockchain technology is assistive in maintaining electronic medical and healthcare records. It clears and resolves all the errors, bugs, and false claims. It brings in efficiency and accuracy in the system.

SISGAIN's Telemedicine App Development in UAE

SISGAIN has had an industrial presence for thirteen years. We deliver robust telemedicine app development solutions to healthcare units and sectors. Our software developers work hard in molding and building well-crafted applications. We provide top-notch telemedicine software development services. We endeavor to meet ends with all the necessities and requisitions of our clients by offering custom-made solutions. Avail of our quick-delivered and exceptional solutions at cost-effective telemedicine app development cost.

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