Sports Software Development in UAE

We have significant experience of creating mobile apps for organisations including athletic programmes, fitness centres, sports medical clinics, and clubs. We assist you get through the full sports management challenge with our in-demand development solutions. Sports software development services are provided by SISGAIN for athletics programmes and fitness clubs in the UAE. We offer specialised athlete performance apps and sports analytics solutions.

Sports Software Solutions

Sports analytic tools are used in the creation of our sports software. As a result, we create apps with exceptional performance and unique data collection training tools for consumers. Utilising our software, you can keep track of injuries and record game analysis.

Analytics Software

Analytics Programs

We offer specialised sports analytics software for monitoring real-time predicted information. It evaluates how well athletes perform. We use cameras, sensors, wearable technology, video, and motion sensors in our sports performance analysis software.

Tracking Technology and Tools

Tools & Technology for Tracking

Utilise our very effective athlete tracking system. All studies of physical and tactical performance will have assistance from this. It has app connectors that make it simple to gather data using wearable technology.

Performance Analysis Software

Software for Performance Analysise

Tools for side-by-side viewing, labelling, editing, photo sequencing, etc. are included in our sports analysis programme. Additionally, we oversee the import and export of video in any format or resolution from any device.

Data Management

Management of Data

Data from various sources may be simply collected and integrated by our sports analytics software. Big data analytics are programmed by our sports software engineers to manage archives of various sizes, including complex, large, and storing.

Software for managing fitness clubs

With the help of our specially developed fitness club management software, we can improve the efficiency of your business operations. Get membership management, daily task updates that are automated, and many more.

Gym Mobile Applications

Mobile fitness applications

For gym subscriptions, we offer a specially created smartphone application. Track your progress in becoming healthy, keep up with your diet and nutrition programmes, use online coaching, schedule classes, and more.

Fitness Management Systems

Systems for Managing Fitness

We effortlessly streamline your gym process, including scheduling and new member registrations, using our specially developed fitness software solutions.

Membership Management Software

Software for Managing Members

Our membership management systems offer enrollment modules that may be used to create payment tracking systems, membership databases, online portals, integrated websites, and more.

Fitness Equipment Technologies

Fitness Technology Equipment

We have technology for exercise equipment built in our applications. As a result, you have access to wearable technologies and cloud connectivity. Our specifically designed displays, interfaces, and motion tracking technologies make it simpler for us to synchronise and gather data with mobile apps.

New Sports and Fitness Technologies

Custom Sports and Fitness Software Development services that will astonish our clients

Scoring Applications

Scoring Applications

A variety of sports categories and methods are available in our scoring software. To forecast simpler solutions, our custom scoring systems employ several protocols like salary cap, H2H, etc

Tracking and Scoreboard Apps

Apps for scoreboards and tracking

To deliver top-notch user experiences, we make use of real-time score tracking software. Our applications provide leaderboards that display the results and are updated often.

Training Mobile Apps

Mobile training apps

Our programme for sports training is loaded with cutting-edge features. For instance, exercise routines, exercise videos, in-app challenges, progress statistics, reports, and voice control mechanisms.

On-demand Sports Apps

Demand-based Sports Apps

On-demand sports programmes that are packed with features can assist users improve their moves. These tools aid in enhancing player performance, assist with event administration, and enable data inputs.

Fitness Tracker Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for fitness trackers

Through the use of technology, our sophisticated fitness monitoring software assists in keeping track of all user actions. Additionally, these apps have HealthKits, GPS monitoring, and other features.

Betting Applications

Applications for Betting

Sports websites have cutting-edge betting apps. To make it more interesting and entertaining for consumers, they are outfitted with analytical capabilities, continuously updated data, browser extensions, etc.

Development of Sports Training Software

Our knowledge in sports club management systems can help you reach new heights.

Training Software

Training Programs

Complete processing of custom data is ensured by our sports training software. includes reports on performance analysis in real-time and data on wellbeing. The information is therefore used by teams of in-person or online trainers.

Sports Web App Development

Web App Development for Sports

We provide real-time commentary options and live score updates. Our sports online application has these incorporated. Users are able to loyally support their teams as a result.

Sports Software Designing

Software Design for Sports

Using cutting-edge technology & advanced UI/UX designs, we provide health & fitness applications for mobile platforms. Hence, quickly attracting the user's attention. Our apps guarantee usability across many platforms and environments.

Sports App Development

App Development for Sports

Numerous sports niches, such as baseball, hockey, tennis, etc., are covered by our sports mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms. These apps were created using both native and cross-platform techniques.

Software for Customised Sports Training

We can organise, translate, and collect important data for players, teams, coaches, and athletic organisations thanks to our tailored sports training software solutions.

Sports Training Apps

Sport-specific Apps

Our specialised training applications offer effective fitness assessment evaluation. Predictive analysis, workload management, etc. are all available. Custom task building and workout options are included with our sports club administration software.

Sports Training Analytics Solutions

Solutions for Sports Training Analytics

We can do real-time calculations and train load parameters thanks to our strong data processing capabilities. These aid in tracking metrics, reporting systems, and guided insights into how the software functions.

Training Software Solutions

Solutions for Training Software

Our extensive training software platforms enable us to provide customers with unique data processing and real-time performance analysis for online and offline data.

Motion Tracking Systems

Systems for tracking motion

We have motion tracking systems with sensors for monitoring postures, balances, 3D range movements, anatomical analyses, and other physical characteristics in muscles, joints, hands, eyes, and skeletal structures.

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