Remote Patient Monitoring Integration in UAE by SISGAIN

It is a problematic scenario when certain patients are frequently too weak or exhausted to get up, or move around their home or visit their doctor for routine check-ups. We are grateful for new and improved technology! Now, doctors may check and assess their patients from a distance.

● Remote patient monitoring is a key component of telehealth services and it's a part of modern medical technology.

● It enables doctors to maintain a constant check on the medical behaviour of their patients through virtual and technical services.

● Using portable or RPM devices, a doctor can automatically retrieve vital information. These devices assess vital signs and transmit them via electronic health record (EHR) systems to medical institutions or physicians.

● Apps for remote patient monitoring are required in order to use these services.

SISGAIN is one of the top remote patient monitoring providers in the UAE. If you're looking for exceptional and feature-rich remote patient monitoring software development in the UAE, we can help. Our developers at SISGAIN work hard to provide you with individualised, high-quality solutions. In order to improve patient care and advance work processes, we have incorporated a number of features and functions into our remote patient monitoring programme. We create and provide fantastic and satisfying software solutions for our customers on time!

Services We Offer


Panel for Gathering and Examining Current Medical Data

A reliable cloud-based remote patient monitoring integration is offered by our software designer, which helps with managing and keeping crucial clinical data. It contains information on patient treatment and involvement, medical expenses, and patient medical reports. It aids medical professionals in electronically obtaining information on patient health, appointment times, medical histories, and more. Such access makes it easier to manage and complete daily tasks more effectively.

AI-Powered Digital Support

Digital Support With AI

We want to improve the patient's health by integrating an artificial intelligence platform into a digital support system. When giving virtual medical assistance to their patients, clinics and healthcare facilities can make use of this platform. They can provide accurate educational films or facts to the patients based on the medical information recorded on the wearable gadgets. It reduces the need to go to a hospital or a doctor's office to get advice.

Combining RPM with Telemedicine

Integrating RPM with Telemedicine

Our remote patient monitoring software is integrated with telemedicine technologies to provide a better user experience. Both the patient and the doctor benefit from such integration. For virtual consultation and therapy, they can simply communicate with one another via video calls or voice calls. Time and money are effectively saved with it. Health monitoring in UAE is made easy by SISGAIN.

EMR/EHR Integration System

Integrated EMR/EHR system

Having accurate patient records is crucial because RPM systems deal with the patient's health. With the use of remote patient monitoring integration with electronic medical records, doctors and medical professionals may access the patient's medical history and data in a more convenient and timely manner. It aids in accelerating the consultation process between doctors and patients as well as the treatment process.


Development of Mobile Health Applications

Our solutions for mobile applications can enable you to quickly access RPM services. A patient may effortlessly link their wearable and portable devices to the software by using our remote patient monitoring solutions. It is a straightforward and effective method for keeping track of and assessing a patient's health. It automatically records and retains the person's vital signs.

Integration of AI tech with IoT-based Medical Equipment

AI technology with IoT-based medical equipment integration

We work with the newest artificial intelligence technology and items connected to the Internet of Things to provide the best patient monitoring solutions for our customers. Such integration gives people a lot of power since it helps the healthcare industry function and operate more quickly. It helps health care workers to improve their workflow and make better informed judgments.

The Best Remote Patient Monitoring Software Available

Our IT experts at SISGAIN put in a lot of effort and take no shortcuts while creating and delivering remote patient monitoring solutions in UAE . We employ the top, high-quality resources and equipment to produce progressing results.

Benefits of the Remote Patient Monitoring Program from SISGAIN

The healthcare sector is currently being driven by remote patient monitoring technologies. Most medical organisations and units can attest to their importance and existence. We have been able to close the gap between healthcare services and distance with the aid of these services. It has provided us with several benefits. SISGAIN develops the best remote patient monitoring applications in the UAE.


Boosts Clinic Insight

A medical professional may make better judgments and come to more accurate conclusions with the aid of our remote patient monitoring systems. A doctor's ability to evaluate a patient's medical behaviour is greatly improved by the RPM tools. They are better able to rapidly and properly create more well-informed healthcare programmes for their patients while continuously monitoring their vitals and symptoms.


Reduced Expenses

Integration of remote patient monitoring has helped to save costs for both patients and healthcare providers. It makes high-quality treatment affordable. Admissions to hospitals are not necessary. Patients can request advice, and doctors can keep an eye on them remotely for persistent ailments. Additionally, it reduces expenses and transportation costs.


Improves Access to Care

Healthcare providers have given individuals considerably more streamlined access to healthcare facilities thanks to the best and most reliable remote patient monitoring technologies. Through such technologies, patients and anyone in need of medical assistance from distant and remote locations can receive prompt medical care!


Increases patient satisfaction

Given that it provides patients with services to assist them understand their health, remote patient monitoring is a great patient engagement strategy. When patients are aware of their disease, their unique treatment strategy, and their part in achieving better health, they are more likely to receive high-quality care. The ease with which healthcare learning resources are made available increases their engagement.


Increased Net Patient Revenue

Hospitals and healthcare facilities may greatly increase their efficiency by deploying and using remote patient monitoring technologies. It aids in efficient processes, improved employee performance, and reduced administrative costs. These elements aid in speeding and boosting net patient revenue.


Improves Healthcare Staff Capacity

Solutions for remote patient monitoring provide practitioners a number of benefits since they let them give their patients and medical issues the care and attention they need. They may combine their system with electronic medical records thanks to this real-team monitoring and assessment, giving them access to reliable patient information.


Takes Care of Medical Understaffing

Software for remote patient monitoring makes up for staff and people shortages in the medical field. By reducing the number of in-person consultation visits, it decreases the workload for nurses, doctors, and other professionals. Through these developments, patients may now receive medical care and assistance from the comfort of their homes. It improves the effectiveness of the work.


Improvement of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The incorporation of remote patient monitoring has improved the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Both RPM service users will have a better and more convenient experience as a result. It enables the patient to receive better and higher-quality medical care from home. They get the encouraging impression that their therapist is regularly monitoring them.

Patient Monitoring Solutions Abu Dhabi

Process of a Remote Patient Monitoring Program

We provide a platform that allows operations and activities to run smoothly. SISGAIN is a top provider of remote patient monitoring programmes in the UAE. A doctor is able to give the patient their undivided attention. Additionally, the patient's vital signs are automatically recorded and given to the medical professional. It is our duty to make sure that everything moves forward smoothly.

Data Gathering

The vital signs of a patient can be retrieved using our reliable and effective remote patient monitoring solutions. With the use of such a system, medical personnel may continuously assess the patient's medical behaviour. Such vitals can be collected with the use of wearable and portable devices, sensors, processors, and other technologies. We provide a cloud-based storage platform where the gathered data is stored in a secure manner. It is only accessible to authorised users.


Monitoring and Evaluation

The medical professionals and doctors carefully examine, evaluate, and analyse the patient's health information after they have received it. By pointing out any potential issues, they may draw strong, clear conclusions. The patients are then informed of these facts by the doctors by receiving prompt alerts or notifications via RPM systems.

Remote Patient Monitoring Program in Dubai

Transfer of Data

The remote patient monitoring programme relays the information to the appropriate healthcare professionals after obtaining the patient's medical data and vital signs. Such information is transmitted by healthcare professionals in a safe and secure manner through the internet, telephones, or other communication mediums.



Any time a patient needs immediate medical assistance, their emergency contacts are also informed. It makes it possible for the concerned parties to quickly find and get to the patient. They don't need to wait any longer; they can start the required treatment right away.

Increasing Demand for Remote Patient Monitoring Apps

Remote patient monitoring services are much more in demand now than they were in the past due to technology developments and breakthroughs. To improve the effectiveness and quality of treatment, SISGAIN provides top-notch services and cater to the delivery of specialised remote patient monitoring platforms in Dubai and the rest of UAE.

Essential Equipments for Remote Patient Monitoring

The system's ability to incorporate remote patient monitoring devices has greatly enhanced the standard of treatment. Patients can benefit from using or wearing these tools to receive better medical treatment. Additionally, it makes it possible for medical professionals to quickly and properly acquire a patient's vital signs.


Monitor for Blood Pressure

The patient can measure and compute their blood pressure if they have a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor gadget. This device typically functions by briefly stopping blood flow via the brachial artery by inflating a band to that point. Thus, the compression is progressively released. The blood flow is measured via a sensor in the band.


Weighing Scale

To measure a patient's body mass, they can stand on this machine. During virtual consultations, the practitioners can use this smart scale gadget to obtain reliable weight information from their patients.


Heart rate monitor

A patient wears a pulse oximeter, a tiny device, on the tip of their finger. Using laser beams, this remote patient monitoring system determines the pulse rate as well as the blood's oxygen saturation (SpO2). The oxygen saturation level affects the quantity of oxygen carried by the blood.



A glucometer, often known as a glucose metre, is a high-tech device that assists in calculating and monitoring blood sugar levels. Patients can make use of this gadget at home by measuring a drop of blood. For prescription and treatment purposes, it also enables clinicians to get accurate information about a patient's blood sugar levels from far-off places.

SISGAIN’S Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

It is our goal and duty to really assist the expansion and improvement of the healthcare sector. In order to meet the needs of a range of clients, we create and provide quality-assured, unrivalled solutions for remote patient monitoring.

Affordable Technologies

Gadgets and tools that do not need a Bluetooth, internet, or wifi connection to a patient's phone or other smart device fall under the category of remote patient monitoring. They are already set up to send the patient's health information straight to the doctors and specialists.


Customised Notification Setting

When a patient's important information is obtained, our specialised and high-quality remote patient monitoring systems will alert the providers and the clinical or medical team.


Observe Situations

Our skilled engineers have created a reliable remote patient monitoring integration that enables the patient to keep track of these many chronic illnesses and successfully transmits the information to the healthcare provider.


Enhance Clinical Outcomes

The goal of remote patient monitoring systems is to improve the quality of treatment, the outcome of medical services, and productivity by reducing the number of in-person hospital or clinical visits by patients.

User Dashboard Patient Monitoring App

Our Excellent RPM Services

You can rely on SISGAIN to provide you with the best remote patient monitoring services. The best tools and a strong development team help us increase our production and efficiency. We have made hospital remote monitoring easy.


Customised Solutions

Our developers are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to creating and designing custom solutions for clients. We evaluate their needs and wants and include the needed features utilising high-quality materials!


Modern technologies

We work to deliver dynamic, quality-proof solutions and integration to the providers of remote patient monitoring using the newest technology available.


Reliable delivery

We take care to create and offer the best integrations for remote patient monitoring. Our suppliers are dependable because of our high-quality goods and services.


Reduced Expenses

With the use of abundant resources and cost-effective technologies, we provide RPM solutions and systems that are feature-rich and powerful.

At SISGAIN, You Can Get the Best Patient Monitoring Solutions

Look no further than SISGAIN if you're seeking for leading remote patient monitoring software in the UAE! We are a reputable company that develops software with almost 14 years of practice and industry experience. Our management and team are made up of top experts and seasoned software engineers. With our long-term clients, we have collaborated on a variety of projects. We work hard to deliver the most feature-rich remote patient monitoring system possible. With the aid of our goods and services, you may ten-fold your performance and output! Let's talk about our new remote patient monitoring programme and how it can help you get better healthcare.

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