SISGAIN's Remote Patient Monitoring Integration

Every so often, some patients are too weak or exhausted to get up or walk around their house, let alone visit their doctor for regular check-ups. That makes it a troublesome situation. But thanks to the emerging technologies and advancements! Doctors can now assess and evaluate their patients from afar. Telehealth services rely heavily on remote patient monitoring. RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) is cutting-edge medical technology. Through virtual and technical services, it lets doctors or specialists maintain a consistent watch on their patients' medical behavior. A doctor can retrieve critical information automatically using portable or RPM gadgets. These gadgets evaluate vital signs and send them to health facilities or clinicians via electronic health record (EHR) systems. Remote patient monitoring apps are a must to avail of such services.

If you are seeking feature-packed and phenomenal remote patient monitoring software development in UAE, we bring that to you. At SISGAIN, our developers cater to deliver customized and quality solutions to you. We have infused a variety of functions and attributes in our remote patient monitoring program that assists in advancing the work procedures, as well as making the quality of patient care better. It is our aim to generate and grant marvelous and satisfactory software solutions to our clients on time!

Our Featured Services


Panel for Collecting and Analyzing Real-Time Medical Information

Our software designer provides a robust cloud-based remote patient monitoring integration that is assistive in managing and maintaining vital clinical information. It holds data such as medical bills, patient medical reports, patient care, and involvement. It helps the practitioners in retrieving data concerning patient health, appointment schedules, medical history, and more virtually. Such convenient access is helpful in handling and carrying out the day-to-day work much better.

AI-Powered Digital Support

AI-Powered Digital Support

By infusing a digital support platform using artificial intelligence's attributes, we strike to enhance the patient's health quality. This platform is very relevant and suitable for clinics and healthcare units in providing virtual medical help to their patients. On the basis of the medical data captured on the wearable devices, they can grant correct informative details or videos to the sufferers. It minimizes the necessity of visiting a doctor's clinic or a hospital to gain such consultation.

Combining RPM with Telemedicine

Combining RPM with Telemedicine

In order to offer a better user experience, our remote patient monitoring software is incorporated with telemedicine solutions and software. Such an integration benefits both the patient and the physician. They can easily communicate with one another through video calls or audio calls for virtual treatment and consultation. It is effective in saving time and costs.

EMR/EHR Integration System

EMR/EHR Integration System

As RPM systems deal with the health of the patient, having proper patient records becomes essential. Doctors and medical experts are able to get their hands on the patient's medical history and reports in a more convenient and rapid way with the help of remote patient monitoring integration with electronic medical records. It helps in boosting the speed and performance of doctor-patient consultation and the treatment procedure.


Application Development for Mobile Health

You can get quicker reachability to RPM services with the help of our solutions for mobile applications. Using our remote patient monitoring solutions, a patient can easily connect their wearable and portable devices to the software. It is a much direct and suitable approach for monitoring and evaluating a patient's health status. It captures and stores the vitals of the person wearing it automatically.

Integration of AI tech with IoT-based Medical Equipment

Integration of AI tech with IoT-based Medical Equipment

We strive to deliver the best patient monitoring systems to our clients by collaborating the latest artificial intelligence tech with gadgets and devices that are associated with the Internet of Things. Such integration is very empowering as it is very helpful in accelerating the performance and activities of the healthcare sector. It enables medical practitioners and professionals to enhance their operations and execute more educated decisions.

Our Exceptional Remote Patient Monitoring Software

At SISGAIN, our tech developers work hard and leave no stones unturned while developing and rendering remote patient monitoring solutions. We make use of the best and quality-rich resources and tools that lead to progressive results.

Benefitting Features of SISGAIN's Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Remote patient monitoring solutions are a driving force of the healthcare industry these days. Their utility and presence can be found in a majority of the medical units and organizations. With the help of these services, we have been able to bridge the gap between healthcare services and distance. It has given us a lot of advantages.


Enhances Clinic Insight

With the help of our remote patient monitoring solutions, a medical practitioner is able to form better decisions and conclusions. The tools of RPM enable a doctor to assess the patient's medical behavior in a much better manner. They can efficiently monitor the vitals and symptoms of their patient more accurately and at any time and chart more informed healthcare plans for them.


Minimized the Costs

Remote patient monitoring integration has aided in reducing the expenses of both healthcare providers and patients. It enables a low cost of quality care. There is no necessity for admissions and readmissions in hospitals. Patients can seek consultation, and doctors can monitor them for their chronic symptoms from a distance. It also helps in saving money which was previously utilized on travel and transport.


Enhances the Access to Care

With the help of robust and the best remote patient monitoring systems, healthcare providers have granted much wider and refined access to healthcare facilities to the people. Patients and people seeking medical aid from far and remote areas can get immediate and instant medical attention through such systems!


Promotes patient experiences

Remote patient monitoring is an excellent patient engagement method since it gives patients services to help them understand their health. Patients are now more likely to have a positive quality of care when they comprehend their ailment, their individual treatment plan, and their role in improving their condition. Their participation is boosted even more by the easy availability of healthcare learning resources.


Accelerates Net Patient Revenue

By implementing and incorporating remote patient monitoring software, hospitals and healthcare units are able to boost their productivity by many folds. It helps in effective process efficiencies, greater staff performance, and lower administrative expenses. These factors are supportive in accelerating and magnifying the net patient revenue.


Enhances Healthcare Staff Capacity

Practitioners gain a lot of advantages from remote patient monitoring solutions as it enables them to provide quality care and attention to their patients and medical cases. This real-team monitoring and evaluation help them integrate their system with electronic medical records to get access to valid patient reports.


Addresses Medical Understaffing

At times and circumstances like the covid-19 pandemic, our healthcare units faced a lot of shortages in medical staff and personnel. However, remote patient monitoring software helps in overcoming it. It lessens the burden on nurses, physicians, and professionals by diminishing in-person consultation appointments. Patients can now get medical attention and aid through these advancements from their homes. It streamlines the work efficiency.


Enhances Doctor-Patient Relationship

The arrival of remote patient monitoring integration has helped in improving the connection between a doctor and a patient. It creates a better and convenient experience for both the users of RPM services. It allows the patient to have better and quality health from their home. They have a reassuring feeling that their clinician is keeping an eye on them on a frequent basis.


Workflow of a Remote Patient Monitoring Program

We offer a platform where the operation and activities can take place seamlessly. A physician is able to give complete and focused attention to the patient. And, the patient's vitals are automatically captured and shared with the healthcare practitioner. It is our responsibility to ensure a streamlined flow of work and process.

Collection of Data

Our robust and efficient remote patient monitoring systems are capable of retrieving a patient's vital signs. Such a system enables healthcare professionals to evaluate the medical behavior of the respective patient constantly. Wearable and portable gadgets, sensors, chips, and more, are helpful for gathering such vitals. We offer a cloud-based storage platform where the collected information is kept safely and securely. Only legitimate people have access to it.


Observation and Analysis

On receiving the patient's health details, the medical practitioners and physicians attentively inspect, observe, and analyze it. They make strong conclusive stents by identifying any points of concern. The doctors then share such details with the patients by sending them rapid alerts or notifications through the RPM systems.


Data Transmission

After gathering the patient's medical info and vitals, the remote patient monitoring program conveys the details to the respective healthcare practitioners. Such data is sent safely and securely through the internet, phones, or other transmission channels used by healthcare providers.



In the event that a patient seeks instant and urgent medical attention, their emergency contacts are notified as well. It enables the respective people to locate and reach the patient rapidly. They can begin with the necessary treatment immediately, without wasting any moment further.

Rising Need of Remote Patient Monitoring Apps

With the advent of technological advancements and progressions, the requisition and demand for remote patient monitoring services have significantly increased. We render quality and exemplary services and cater to deliver customized remote patient monitoring solutions to enhance the quality of care and efficacy.

Must-Have Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

The integration of remote patient monitoring devices with the system has created a significant improvement in the quality of care. Using or wearable such gadgets allows the patients to have a better health care experience. It also enables the medical practitioners to retrieve the vital sign data of the patient accurately and timely.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Having a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor device would allow the patient to check and calculate the blood pressure. This device usually works by inflating a band to the point where it momentarily stops blood circulation through the brachial artery. Its compression is, therefore, gradually cleared. A sensor in the band measures the flow of blood.


Weight Scale

We have ourselves the traditional weight scale machine or the digital ones. A patient can stand on this device to measure their body mass. This smart scale machine is suitable for the practitioners to get consistent and accurate weight details from their patients during virtual consultations.


Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a small gadget that a patient wears on the tip of their finger. This remote patient monitoring device is used to calculate the oxygen saturation of the blood (SpO2) as well as the pulse rate using laser beams. The amount of oxygen transmitted in the blood is determined by oxygen saturation.



Also referred to as glucose meters, a glucometer is a smart-tech gadget that aids in calculating and monitoring the blood sugar rate. Patients can utilize this instrument at home by using a drop of their blood for measurement. It also helps the doctors in receiving correct details of a patient's blood sugar levels from distant locations. for prescription and treatment purposes.

SISGAIN’S Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

It is our aim and responsibility to provide our honest support towards the growth and development of the healthcare industry. We do our part by building and offering quality-assured and matchless solutions for remote patient monitoring to a variety of clients per their requirements.

Convenient Gadgets

Remote Patient Monitoring encompasses such devices and equipment that do not require Bluetooth, internet, or wifi connection to a patient's phone or smart devices. They are already configured and transmit the patient's health status data to the physicians and specialists directly.


Tailored Notification Setting

We can deliver tailored and quality remote patient monitoring systems that would notify the providers and the medical or clinical staff when a patient's vital info is received.


Monitor Conditions

Our professional developers have crafted an efficient remote patient monitoring integration that allows the patient to monitor these different chronic conditions, and the data is effectively delivered to the healthcare practitioner.


Optimize Clinical Results

By minimizing hospital or clinical visits of the patients in-person, the remote patient monitoring systems aim at enhancing the quality of care and the result of the medical services and productivity.


Our Top-notch RPM Services

SISGAIN delivers to you exceptional and reliable services for remote patient monitoring. We improve our productivity and efficiency with the help of the best tools and a robust team of developers!


Custom-made Solutions

Our developers are handy and experienced in building and generating tailored systems for clients. We take into consideration their requests and necessities and infuse the desired features using quality resources!


Latest Technologies

With the help of cutting and the most advanced technologies and tools, we strive to provide quality-proof and dynamic systems and integration to the remote patient monitoring providers.


Delivery on Time

We make sure to develop and deliver the results of the best remote patient monitoring integrations. Our quality products and services make our sources reliable.


Minimized Expenses

We design feature-rich and empowering solutions and systems for RPM using rich sources and tools at budget-friendly prices.

Get the Best Patient Monitoring Systems at SISGAIN

If you're looking for high-quality remote patient monitoring software development in UAE, look no farther than SISGAIN! We are a well-known software development firm. We have approximately fourteen years of industrial experience and practice. Top professionals and experienced software developers make up our management and team. We've worked on a number of projects with our long-term clientele. We strive to provide the best remote patient monitoring program with the most features. You may increase your performance and production by a factor of ten with the help of our products and services! Introduce our new remote patient monitoring software and see how it can help you improve the quality of your healthcare.

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