Our Best OTT Platform Development Services in UAE

We create everything from scratch, from the eye-catching design that keeps people glued to the screen to the powerful tech that makes it all run smoothly. Imagine your app as the secret weapon that explodes user engagement and leaves the competition in the dust.

OTT Application Consulting

We guide businesses and content creators like YOU to build, launch, or improve your app, reaching a bigger audience and keeping them hooked. Think of us as your personal streaming sidekick, helping you navigate the digital world and dominate the competition.

Custom OTT App Development

SISGAIN is a top company that creates OTT apps. We have extensive experience and expertise in creating unique apps by utilizing innovative tools and technologies. If you need an awesome OTT app, we're the ones to talk to!

OTT App UI & UX Design

Our team comprises skilled designers who excel in creating fantastic user interfaces, ensuring users can easily navigate the app and find what they're looking for.

OTT Web Application Development

We're the best OTT app developers in the UAE, and we know how to create excellent web-based apps. These apps stream content over the internet, making it easy for you to watch what you like. Our goal is to make the apps user-friendly, so you can enjoy personalized content smoothly through your web browser.

OTT Website Development

At SISGAIN, we offer OTT website development services. We specialize in making websites where you can stream content online. Our focus is on creating attractive and easy-to-use sites that make it simple for you to watch and enjoy media online

OTT App Migration and Integration

As a top OTT mobile app development firm, we focus on migrating current OTT apps to various platforms or systems, aiming for seamless functionality across all devices.

OTT App Upgradation & Maintenance

SISGAIN offers custom OTT platform development services in the UAE. We also provide upgrades and maintenance for OTT apps. We aim to ensure that these apps function effectively, have user-friendly interfaces, and maintain their security. We update them regularly to be compatible with the newest platforms and devices

Live Streaming App Development

SISGAIN is a reliable OTT video applications development company, we are experts in creating live streaming apps for Android, iOS, and multiple platforms. Our skilled developers add the newest features and attractive interfaces to capture and keep users interested

Cross-Platform OTT App Development

SISGAIN develops OTT applications for different platforms like iOS, Android, smart TVs, and web browsers, guaranteeing a uniform user experience on all devices.

Our developers of OTT apps utilize a particular array of tools and technologies for crafting OTT applications.

At SISGAIN, we are the leading OTT app development company in UAE, creating high-quality OTT applications. We rely on the latest tech tools for OTT app development. Our tech lineup includes:


As a top provider of customized OTT platform development services, we utilize specific languages and frameworks to create OTT applications.

React Native


Our skilled developers use various languages and frameworks to create captivating OTT applications.



We ensure top-notch OTT platforms by utilizing the best backend languages and frameworks.


Cloud Servers

We use cutting-edge cloud technologies to build outstanding OTT apps at SISGAIN

Google Cloud

Are you in need of an OTT app developer for your project?

Cutting-Edge Technologies Empowering Our OTT App Development

At SISGAIN, we utilize the latest and most popular technologies for creating OTT applications.


As the top OTT software development company, we use AI and machine learning in our OTT apps. This helps us recommend content better, engage users more effectively, improve video streaming quality, and give viewers a personalized experience.


At SISGAIN, we use Blockchain technology to create top-quality OTT apps and platforms. With Blockchain, we safeguard content distribution and copyrights, enable small payments for viewing content, and prevent piracy.


In creating top-notch OTT apps and software, our team of skilled developers incorporates AR/VR technology. This adds immersive, interactive content and augmented reality features to shows and movies, enhancing the binge-watching experience.


As a leading OTT software development company, we use Metaverse technology to build virtual worlds. These environments let users experience content in a more immersive and connected way, offering new and exciting entertainment experiences.

Top OTT Mobile Application Features to Implement

We create everything from scratch, from the eye-catching design that keeps people glued to the screen to the powerful tech that makes it all run smoothly. Imagine your app as the secret weapon that explodes user engagement and leaves the competition in the dust.

AI-Based Recommendation

We use cutting-edge technology to improve user experience, including AI-powered recommendation systems that examine user preferences to offer suggestions for related content such as movies, shows, podcasts, and more.

Multilingual Content

As a well-known company specializing in OTT platforms, we design advanced apps and software providing a range of content in different languages to cater to diverse international viewers, including movies, web series, and podcasts.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We offer different payment methods like digital wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, etc. in our OTT apps, software, and platforms for users to pay for subscriptions.

Smart/Voice Search

As the top OTT software development company, we prioritize user satisfaction by adding a Smart/Voice Search feature. This feature lets users find their favorite content quickly using voice commands.


Our skilled OTT developers include a Watchlist feature in OTT apps. This function allows users to bookmark their preferred movies, podcasts, web series, and other programs for future watching.

Screen Cast/ Mirroring

To enhance binge-watching, we include a Screen Cast/Mirroring feature in our apps. This lets users easily show content from their mobile devices on a bigger screen, like a TV.

Multi-Lingual Support

As the top provider of custom video streaming platform development services, we ensure our OTT apps and platforms support multiple languages. This allows users to communicate with customer support in their preferred language.

Rating & Reviews

The Ratings and Reviews feature in our OTT apps is created by our talented OTT software developers. Users can rate and review shows and movies they have viewed.

Push Notification

Being the top OTT mobile app development firm, we provide Push Notifications in our apps. This function delivers prompt alerts to users regarding new content, updates, and other crucial information, improving their overall experience

Audience Analytics

As the top provider of OTT app development services, we include an Audience Analytics feature in our apps. This feature keeps track of important metrics like how users watch content, how much time they spend on screens, their favorite shows, and more.

Cross-Platform OTT App Development

Cross-Platform OTT App Development

SISGAIN develops OTT applications for different platforms like iOS, Android, smart TVs, and web browsers, guaranteeing a uniform user experience on all devices.

Our Custom OTT Mobile App Development Process

Being the leading OTT mobile app development company in the UAE, we provide comprehensive Over-the-Top software development solutions. Our skilled app developers in the UAE carefully follow these procedures to craft robust OTT apps and software, guaranteeing a satisfying binge-watching experience for users.


Requirement Analysis

As the leading OTT platform development company, we have thorough discussions with our clients to fully grasp their needs. This helps us create an OTT app that truly stands out in the market.



Once we understand what the client needs, our team of specialists creates a detailed plan for the OTT app, covering aspects such as its visual design, functionalities, and user interface.


UI/UX Design

Our experienced designers use the wireframe to create the visual appearance and user experience of the OTT software, ensuring a simple and user-friendly design.


Development & Testing

Our top OTT developers start building the OTT platform using the newest tools and technologies. We focus on making the apps captivating and enjoyable to use. Once development is complete, we carefully test the app to fix any issues. Finally, we deliver the finished product to the client.


App Maintenance and Support

At SISGAIN, we are the leading OTT mobile app development firm and our goal is to guarantee complete satisfaction for our clients by offering app maintenance and support services. This helps our clients keep their OTT app running smoothly for the long term.

Why Choose SISGAIN for OTT App Development Services?


Domain expertise

As the top OTT app development company, we've created many OTT platforms from the beginning. We are experts in creating apps for streaming movies and shows. We help with everything from planning to keeping your app running smoothly.


Customer-centric approach

We focus on putting customers first when creating OTT platforms. We take the time to really understand what customers want and then provide the best solutions.


Support and maintenance

We're a leading mobile app company in the UAE. We help keep your app running smoothly, making sure users love it. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to our clients.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Our custom OTT app development services ensure your app is built exactly to your specifications. Hire OTT app developers from SISGAIN who grasp your goals and requirements completely.

Trusted globally

Trusted globally

We're one of the top OTT platform developers in the UAE, trusted worldwide. With experience serving clients globally, we've created OTT apps for diverse audiences.

cost-effective solutions

Time & cost-effective solutions

We build OTT applications efficiently and quickly. We make OTT apps fast and well. We know your time and money matter. We aim for cheap apps that are still good. We give them to you on time so you can reach your audience.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We offer various custom Android app development services, including electronic health records (EHR) systems and telemedicine solutions, all in one place.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

We're a trusted name in the industry because our portfolio showcases successful Android app development projects.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Although we're an Android app development company based in the UAE, our solutions have a worldwide impact, improving patient care across the globe.


Our high level of services by using advanced technologies and tools, innovative and collaborative management skills to give you a website that is strong, professional, and scalable



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