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The demand for SISGAIN's mobile app development services has escalated since smartphones have become a necessity instead of luxury. We have improved mobile device user experiences ever since we started providing bespoke mobile app development in the UAE. We are a firm that develops mobile applications, and we provide programmes for all existing platforms. Also, our apps work with wearables, VR headsets, and other devices.

For more than 13 years, we have been successfully offering mobile app development services.

Our Key Features

We have worked with different types of business and start-ups
Our promise is to provide easy to use and high quality applications
We can design the greatest app development experience for you on any platform, hybrid or native
Android App Development

Android App Development

We are a mobile application design company that creates Android applications. We can undoubtedly open up additional possibilities for your company. Our talented developers can reduce any difficulty that stands in the way, especially given the numerous hurdles that android app development poses.



Testing is an essential part of web application development and we are quick at it. We believe in carrying out testing and each step and give favourable results. Our goal is to provide you best on device and server performance.

Blockchain Development

Several blockchain initiatives have also been a part of our work. So, we provide a variety of business-related apps to our clients. Moreover, our programmers will provide you alternatives for creating unique blockchain applications. We pledge to deliver only the finest.

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

You can use three devices simultaneously including Apple Watches, iPad, and iPhone. Our skilled developers are aware about which improvements to make. We can use genres to develop apps for business, fitness, gaming, and other areas.



We have spread out our maintenance services on various platforms. Due to which, you can easily add extensions and focus on enhancing performance. No matter which platform it is, we believe in efficient functioning.

Bitcoin Development

Our company is very skilled in creating Bitcoin applications. Plus, our engineers have first-hand knowledge of building programmes like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. We have also been passionate about providing our customers with reliable and highly pleasant apps.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

It is one of the most widely used platforms for developing apps. We create outstanding cross- platform apps. Moreover, our hybrid application developers can create a version of your software that works with many operating systems. Also, there are other advantages, including cost- and time-effectiveness.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

Our designing and working capabilities of UI/UX is excellent. In order to create designs that are both customer- and business-focused, we have a crew consisting of talented designers. Most significantly, we contribute to the creation of solutions that can significantly increase market expansion.

AR/VR App Development

Our developers will start working on your AR/VR software after learning about your company's demands. To achieve your goals, we exclusively employ the greatest technology. As a result, you receive apps with outstanding performance from our committed developers.



EXPLORE, CREATE and DELIVER is our motto

Because we want to make all of your business demands, issues, and requirements simpler, we build and implement the most cutting-edge innovative software development solutions. Additionally, we quickly improve the performance of your organisation with our targeted, agile, and cost-effective digital solutions for your software.

● We specialise in the application of front-end to back-end technology as a software development firm.
● We look for services that can easily adjust as per your requirements.
● To provide you with robust and timely cutting-edge solutions, our experts employ development methodologies.
● We provide various services like enterprise development, software development, e- business solutions to our clients.
● We strive to grow your business.

Our Working Process



Firstly, we start by defining all the requirements. Initial system inquiries, capturing customer ideas, needs, obligations, and specifications, etc.



Secondly, we give you control over your product’s look and feel. Also, select features, model out the user experience, and release it.



Thirdly, we make sure the quality of the product is best. This has to be throughout the entire development journey. And then you make updates.



Fourthly, we move with adding details, finding cost and time estimates. In short, now comes launch planning, and app release.


With the help of our expert application developers, our Progressive web applications have the latest and most cutting-edge technologies. Hence, helping us to reach your business goals. We have more than 13 years worth of experience with mobile app development in UAE. And will continue to gain more from each new experience. We are also committed to providing innovative solutions.  We have brand research solutions for crafting UX/UI designs and marketing plans.

Solutions for Custom Application Development

We provide you with solutions for developing custom mobile applications. We also tailor the application to your company's needs with a variety of features and functionality. For all types of companies, including startups, we provide specialised solutions.


We offer specialised solutions for you

By utilising the most recent technological advancements and tool solutions, it helps to streamline their operations.


GPS functionalities

With the aid of our GPS feature, we can ensure that additional locations, tracking services, navigation, mapping services, and timing features are enabled.

Video/Camera Access

Camera/Video Access

Add a camera or video function. Because it allows for simple access, photo capturing, and photo sharing inside the app, this is crucial for your application.

Wearable Device

Wearable Technology

To assist your users manage their data and security, we have developed specialised wearable solutions.

Cloud-based Solutions

Solutions based in the cloud

We provide cloud-based software solutions that allow you scalability, cloud infrastructures, and data caching capabilities.


Our high level of services by using advanced technologies and tools, innovative and collaborative management skills to give you a website that is strong, professional, and scalable



Find solutions from us. Like no one has ever before.


No Late Deliveries

We are never late in giving you perfect applications.

Free 30 Days Support

Free 30 Days Support

New users get extra help. With our free support for 30 days.

24X7 Support

24X7 Support

Find easy support for all your problems.

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