Software Development Services for Event Management & Meetings

Our software development solutions for event management and meetings are reliable, effective, and adaptable. Therefore, we cater to client demands through individual consultations and elaborate user conferences.

Event and Meeting Management Custom Software Solutions

We provide you with software that has been handled completely. We provide automated dashboards and reporting tools for event planning that include venue sourcing.

Software Development for Web Conferencing

For each occasion, we can create the ideal event for you. For registrations and advertising, we can design event components. Dynamic event registrations, branding, secure payment methods, data security, and international venue searches are all available.

Attendee Engagement

Attendee Participation

With the help of our event software development services, we can help you better understand your guests. We can also help you convert virtual attendees into active members through email marketing, effective session material access, and room block management.

Manage Attendees

Attendee Management

You have full control over the messages you send to invitees and those who register. Any level of the event management strategy can have this. We provide our customers with access to services such as merging, contact management, and session pre-booking.

Measure Success

Determine Success

The importance of outcomes is well known. Therefore, we offer strong event reporting systems with real-time dashboards, self-service portals, attendee involvement, and live polling sessions to enable your stakeholders to be aware of all the reporting platforms.

 Event Management from Mobile Apps

Event Administration with Mobile Apps

We offer apps for smartphones that handle events. Different devices can make use of these apps facilitating the hassle-free hosting of online events on commercial domains. Registrations, payments, and connectors are all included in this app.

Virtual Meeting Software in UAE

We produce meeting software for companies all around the world to assist in efficient communication, collaborative multi-device support, and to communication networks.

Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing Solutions

Our conferencing solutions include real-time communication and webinar integration. These support community features, calendar scheduling services, and the sharing of video material.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management

We offer solutions for efficient meeting management. This allows teams to be formed around collaborative meeting agendas and covers all the crucial aspects of the meeting lifecycle.

Attendee Meeting Solutions

Attendee Meeting Solutions

Electronic hand-raising, voice muting, voting, real-time polling, and other features are available in our attendee meeting solutions.

Mobile Meeting Solutions

Mobile Meeting Solutions

We provide our clients with confidential scheduling tools and searchable directories with our mobile meeting implementation in order to facilitate their work in the process.

Features of Event Management Software

Our event management software solutions include enhanced workflow procedures, customer interaction tools, routine updates, and rule assignments.



We can assist you in setting up a smooth data transfer between any two servers. Additionally, you may incorporate web-based applications.

Increased Attendance

Higher Attendance

We have a comprehensive branding campaign. This enables you to launch event management whenever you want.



Strategic reporting and integrations are available. We provide award-winning services to guarantee the success of your events.

Event Management from Mobile Apps

One-stop event management

For event technology solutions, we have a platform. This enables you to simply automate manual event procedures and save time.

Virtual Experiences in Event Planning

Our major objective is to assist you in improving your virtual planning capabilities.

Grow Brand and Event Attendance

Develop Your Brand and Event Attendance

We assist you in launching a new virtual attendance system. We are able to do this by advertising your event through a variety of platforms and marketing initiatives. Consequently, you can improve and enjoy a completely customised event.

Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions

We offer robust reporting methods to improve your performance stack so you can accomplish your goals with the help of real-time insights and developing meeting performances.

Centralized Event Management

Centralized Event Management

We eliminate all the time-consuming processes from your workflow and organise all the crucial event management tools. As a result, you can design a full virtual experience event on a single platform.

Security Protocols

Safety procedures

It makes no difference where you conduct business. SISGAIN will use the highest security standards to ensure that all of your data is protected.

Event Solutions Driven by Technology

The best VR and AR experiences are used to create our event management and meeting solutions. You will receive the greatest digital presentations because this is combined with the most recent technology.

Event Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions for Events

We make use of software for events that are specially created. Additionally, you'll be able to develop brand interaction, improved social promotions, live experiences, and even content distribution thanks to this. .

Software Integrations

Integrated Software

You can activate live resource tracking, access interactive maps, navigation systems, iBeacon technologies, and a Bluetooth system with the help of our virtual meeting platform services.

Presentation Software

Software for Presentations

We have software for digital presentations. We can also provide virtual presentation guides that are interacting with the real environment thanks to this.

AR/VR Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions for AR/VR

We offer technological solutions for event registration. You will undoubtedly receive AR/VR integrated headsets and other wearable tools with this, enabling you to design really effective client experiences.

Our Commitment And Promises To Our Clients

We provide such a high level of service because we use the most advanced technologies. Therefore,  giving you a website that is strong, professional, and scalable. Our innovative and collaborative management skills do it all.

Obvious Solution

Obvious Solution

Firstly, you will find solutions from us like no one has ever before.

No Late Deliveries

No Late Deliveries

Secondly, we make sure to deliver before the due date.

Free 30 Days Support

Free 30 Days Support

Thirdly, new users get extra help. With our free support for 30 days policies.

24X7 Support

24X7 Support

Finally, find quick and easy support for all problems.

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