Event Management & Meeting Software Development Solutions

Our Event Management and also meeting software development solutions are robust, efficient, and flexible. Therefore meeting customer needs, from one-on-one meetings to complex user conferences.

Event Management

Association Management

Trade Show Management

Event Technology


Web & Meeting Conferencing

Custom Software Solutions For Event And Meeting Management

We give you completely handled software, from start to finish. We also make simplified and automated event planning systems. Including venue sourcing for dashboards & reporting.

Web Conferencing Software Development

Surely we can also build you a perfect event. For anything. Also, we can create event parts for promotions and registrations. We also have dynamic event registrations, branded, secure payments processes, data security, and global venue searches.


Attendee Engagement

We can help you better understand your attendees. With our event software development services. Also, turn your virtual attendees into active members. Using email marketing, impactful session content access, room block management. And also much more comes with our services.


Manage Attendees

You can also take complete charge of your communications for registrations. And also for invitees. This is at any level of the event management plan. We also give our clients access to pre-booking sessions, importing and exporting of contacts. Including contact management, and merging functionalities.


Measure Success

We all know results matter the most. Hence to help your stakeholders be informed of all the reporting platforms. We have robust event reporting systems. With real-time dashboards, self-service portals, attendee engagement. And also live polling sessions.


Event Management from Mobile Apps

We also have mobile apps for event management. These apps can be used by different devices. Therefore helping business domains host online events. Without any hassle. This app includes registrations, payments, and also integrations.

Meeting Software Development

We provide meeting software development to businesses around the world. To help them with effective communication and collaborative multi-device support. And also enhance their interoperability.


Conferencing Solutions

Also, our conferencing solutions have integrated webinars. And also real-time communication systems. These help with video content sharing, community features. And calendar scheduling services.


Meeting Management

We also have intelligent meeting management solutions. With this, we cover all the essential elements of a meeting lifecycle. And allow teams to be built on collaborative meeting agendas.


Attendee Meeting Solutions

Also, our solutions for attendee meetings have features like electronic hand-raising, voice muting, voting, real-time polling, and more.


Mobile Meeting Solutions

Our mobile meeting application solutions will surely give our clients private scheduling modules. And also searchable directories. Therefore, making their work easier.

Event Management Software Features

Our event management software solutions come with improved workflow processes, customer engagement solutions, automatic updates, and also rule assignments.



We can also help you create a seamless flow of data. This is between any two servers. You can also integrate with web-based programs.


Increased Attendance

Also, we have a fully branded marketing campaign. This allows you to jumpstart event management anytime.



Also, we have strategic integrations, reporting. And also award-winning services ensure your event’s success.


Manage Event in one Place

We have a platform for event technology solutions. This also allows you to save time. And also automate manual event tasks easily.


Virtual Event Planning Experiences

Helping you grow your virtual planning experience is our main goal.


Grow Brand and Event Attendance

We help you with driving a new virtual attendance. This is possible for us by promoting your event with different channels. And marketing campaigns. Therefore, allowing you to enhance and experience a fully custom event.


Data-driven decisions

With the help of real-time insights and also emerging meeting performances. We have powerful reporting systems. To enhance your performance stack to achieve your goals.


Centralized Event Management

We cut all the time-consuming tasks from your workflow. And streamline all the essential tools for event management. Therefore, allowing you to create an entire virtual experiencing event on one platform.


Security Protocols

It does not matter where you operate from or will in the future. SISGAIN will make sure that all your data is secure using the highest security standards.

Technology Driven Event Solutions

Our Event Management and Meeting solutions are created using the best VR. And AR experiences. This is integrated with the latest technologies. Therefore, giving you the best digital presentations.


Event Technology Solutions

We use custom-developed event technology software. This will also allow you to create brand interactivity, enhanced social promotions, live experiences. And even content distribution.


Software Integrations

With the help of our virtual meeting platform services, you can enable live resource tracking. Also access interactive maps, navigation systems, iBeacon technologies. And Bluetooth system.


Presentation Software

We have digital presentation software. This also allows us to enable interactive virtual presentation guides with the existing world.


AR/VR Technology Solutions

We have event registration software technology solutions. With this, you surely get AR/VR integrated headsets. And other wearable tools to create highly efficient customer experiences


Our Commitment And Promises To Our Clients

We provide such a high level of service because we use the most advanced technologies. Therefore,  giving you a website that is strong, professional, and scalable. Our innovative and collaborative management skills do it all.


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