What is healthcare practice management software?

A lot of activities take place in hospitals and clinics on a daily basis. It can be painfully exhausting and time-consuming for the personnel to manage and handle those tasks. At times there is also a risk involved of errors or blunders happening. However, we can transform this tiring workflow into a smooth and seamless one with the help of a medical practice management solution. This software is very effective in streamlining the flow of work, handling administrative operations, and other similar tasks. Additionally, it assists in booking appointments, making and settling bills, maintaining patient and administrative records and files, and other works.

If your organization is looking for the development of the best clinic management software, you have arrived at the right destination. SISGAIN is one of the top-most hospital information system companies, having a qualified team and management of professionals. Our competent, as well as capable developers, possess years of experience in industrial and development trends. Keeping in consideration and in mind the current healthcare situation, we endeavor to render feature-rich hospital information system architecture. With the help of these, we aim to offer our support to the healthcare industry by simplifying their workflows. Using these systems and software, clinics and medical units can save time, money, and effort. Our custom-tailored solutions will help the hospital management to increase their efficiency, productivity, and performance. We can deliver these top-notch practice management software for doctors on time and at a budget-friendly rate!


Cost Efficiency

The hospital management system (HMS) is very beneficial when it comes to saving or minimizing costs. It aids in maintaining the revenue and finance record of the medical center. With the help of these computerized systems, the necessity of manual or human labor automatically lessens. Hence, it helps save money that was previously spent on the workforce and staff for such tasks. Also, with the arrival of clinic practice management software, there is no more requirement for paper files or documents as all of these records are available online digitally.


Enhanced Quality of Care

We aim at improving the productivity of the healthcare units by providing them with exceptional healthcare practice management software. It allows the patients and medical practitioners to get quicker access to the electronic medical records available online. That integrates and incorporates the different departments in a hospital and permits the physician to diagnose the patient much faster and efficiently.


Fewer Errors and Blunders

Humans are most likely to commit mistakes. There is no denying it. But our HMS incorporates the best tools and resources that help in bringing a reduction in the workflow. With these systems, there is no mistake in billing processes, and no record or file gets lost as all of it is stored digitally.


Ability to Retrieve

With the help of our hospital information software, you are able to get rapid and direct access to administrative, medical, and financial data. Such a feature and function helps the management in effortlessly carrying out their work, without any hassles or obstructions.


Data Security

The hospital information system includes cloud-based software. It is a protected and secured platform where any undesired person cannot gain access. The information and data uploaded remain safe. Our HIPAA-compliant and Health Level-7 physician practice management software offers high data security and convenience to its legitimate users.


Quality Assurance and Adherence

With the help of the medical practice management software, hospital centers and other medical units are able to manage, store, and send their records and reports to NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) from time to time. It helps in sharing such reports and data within the time frame and at a quicker rate of speed. In that way, it adheres to and meets the standards of NABH.

Our Healthcare Practice Management Software

We provide hospital information systems for all healthcare providers, comprising stakeholders such as physicians, chemists, radiologists, pathologists, accountants, and others, in order to streamline hospital administration and operations. Our forward-thinking architecture and technologically sophisticated solutions help lower operational costs, encourage paperless flow, and improve patient involvement and performance.


Our Key Services

SISGAIN's hospital information system architecture helps in automating, organizing, and accessing data through a protected and secure platform. We strive to enhance the quality of healthcare services.


Practice Management Software Solutions

Our developers have designed dynamic practice management software that comprises rich features. It enables the clinic and units to register their patients, store patients' details, process insurance, and manage other duties. Our user-friendly interface helps in third-party integrations and handling other scheduling activities.


Hospital Information System Architecture

For different serving processing such as site-specific and web-related, we cater to produce and deliver client-server systems. Our hospital information system architecture is powered by top tools and features which enables it to manage and operate healthcare and organizational data. It deals with a variety of healthcare databases, for instance, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), etc.


Hospital Information System Software

Our robust hospital management systems aim at streamlining the activities and operations. That way, healthcare professionals, doctors, and other medical personnel are able to carry out their duties and administrative tasks fluently and effortlessly. It consists of rich features and functions such as patient record management, billing procedures, online doctor-patient consultations, inventory management, and more.


Integrated Medical Practice Management Software

We follow and have implemented the HL7 standards in our practice management software. It enables the users to retrieve, use, and transfer medical information safely and securely from one system to the other. We have also integrated it with other software for e-prescriptions, remote patient monitoring, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems, and more.


Hospital RCM Services

With tailor-made panels and components, we implement Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Our RCM integration helps in maintaining a precise and reliable track of the flow of expenses and incomes. It helps in processing insurance, auditing, accounting, payments, and much more. Due to this service, the administration of the hospital is able to work more effectively and accurately.


Hospital Case Management Software Services

Our clinic practice management software has customized mechanisms to manage the workflow of inpatient and outpatient data. The hospital case systems are efficient in recording and registering new patient details, allotting vacant wards or beds, sending notifications or alerts for appointments, real-time monitoring of patients, integrating the EHR/EMR systems, forming doctor-patient engagement, etc. These modules have enabled us to enhance the patient care experience.


Healthcare Reporting Software Integration

Maintaining reports and records in a hospital is very crucial. Most of the time, the paper records either go missing or get damaged. To keep a proper and fully-fledged system of reports, we have incorporated and integrated a reporting software in the HIS. It minimizes errors and improves efficiency. This software integration contains both patient and administrative records securely.


HIS And PMS Patient Portal Integration

Through this digital platform, a patient can schedule and book consultation appointments, upload medical history and documents, request refills and electronic prescriptions, maintain a d direct contact with medical professionals using the patient portal. With the help of EMR/EHR/PHR integrations, doctors and practitioners can easily get access to the patient's records, capture their vitals, monitor from a distance, have online consultation, produce bills, and more!


Doctor Portal Attributes

SISGAIN presents physician practice management software that helps the medical practitioners to handle and administer their activities and operations effortlessly and without wasting their time.

Periodic and Ongoing Upgrades

A physician or healthcare professional who is a member of this forum obtains prompt and regular reminders and notifications about meetings, prescriptions, conferences, and just about anything else related to well-being facilities. It encourages them to perform better.


Set-Up Live Consultation

Nowadays, patients and physicians can conduct their appointments virtually through online consultation. If required, a doctor can have a live consultation session with the patients. These consultations can take place through video or audio calls or in-chat texts.


Patient Admissions

Using our hospital information system, the clinic staff and department can keep an accurate and systematic record of the number of patients admitted by them. They can easily maintain a proper track and record of a patient and their medical reports. It helps in saving time and reduces the loss of information.


Report Management

In order to keep a stable and reliable track of the activities taking place in the day, a doctor has the feature of report management. Through that, they are able to control and handle their practice and operations. Our developers have incorporated such an attribute in our top-notch doctor clinic software.

SISGAIN's Hospital Practice Management Software

By enhancing the work efficiency and standards of hospitals and medical units, we strive to enhance the quality of healthcare. Our medical practice management solution aids healthcare providers, nurses, medical practitioners, and patients in boosting the performance of the healthcare industry.

Attributes of Patient Forum

We have engineered exceptional patient management software that grants the patients a better experience! Enriched with interactive tools and features, our software helps to generate better performance reports and magnifies the quality of care!


Online Scheduling

Instead of going to clinics or meeting a doctor in person, patients can easily book a meeting with practitioners online! That way, they not only save their money but their time too. Patients can book an appointment with a certified doctor of their choice by picking up an available slot.


Approach Doctors

After registering on a medical practice management software, a patient can come up with a list of medical professionals, as per their ailment and requirements. They can go through the provided details of the practitioners, such as their qualifications, years of experience, specialization, customer rating, and more. After selecting, they can message and approach the doctor.


Access to Invoice and Bills

Patients have easy access to the invoices and bills of the payments made by them. These contain the amount and detail of the payment such as prescriptions, online consultation, etc. We enable the patients to download and store these receipts.


Electronic Prescriptions

They can check their prescription details as allowed and assigned by the doctor. It would contain relevant information concerning the medicines and their dosage quantity and time. That way, a patient can check and comply with the stated medication.

Pathology Management

Our HIS incorporated a custom-tailored pathology management system that helps in maintaining and keeping track of the activities and operations occurring in a pathology center.

Upload Tests

We have incorporated the best resources and tools which allow the lab personnel and pathologists in uploading the lab test reports of the patients on the portal.


Track Reports

All the reports that are stored and contained in the cloud-based medical practice management software can be accessed, inspected, and downloaded by the pathologist effortlessly.


Live Video Consultation

When and if required, pathologists and their staff can become a part of an online consultation between a doctor and a patient. In the session, they can discuss and go through the test results or other details.


Payroll and Leave Status

Through the forum, the staff members of the pathology department can review and go through the details of their payrolls and leaves. This facility helps them in maintaining a regular and proper track of such information.

Why Go For SISGAIN's Healthcare Practice Management Software?

You might come across many providers for such software. But these reasons make us the best and most suitable hospital information system vendors in the market!



Our skilled developers have infused and incorporated the best features and technologies in the creation of the software. That way, we are able to support and boost the development and growth of the healthcare sector..


Delivery on Time

We follow the discipline and take deadlines very seriously. We work hard and endeavor to deliver quality-rich solutions to our clients on time.


Customized Services

Our able developers have years of experience and knowledge, which permits them to prepare a variety of solutions and services for the clients. By providing you with customized software development, we fulfill the needs and requirements of your organization.



We believe in providing our clients with our quality-rich and top-notch solutions and software at reasonable and fair prices! We implement rich and emerging technologies and sources in our cost-efficient hospital management software.

SISGAIN's Hospital Practice Management Software in UAE

We have a pool of expert programmers at SISGAIN with years of professional experience in IT development and applications. For a variety of hospitals and health care institutions, we work towards developing a powerful and comprehensive hospital information system. To create the best clinic management software, we've amalgamated and used the latest technology and techniques. We have the necessary capacity to create unique software for our customers. Let us help you increase your firm's growth and expansion with our exceptional and cost-effective hospital practice management software in UAE.

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