What do you understand about Health Practice Management Software?

SISGAIN is a top provider of medical practice management solutions in the UAE. Managing and handling medical activities might be extremely time-consuming for the staff. The possibility of mistakes or mishaps occurring does exist on occasion. With the use of UAE’s practice management software for healthcare, we can change this stressful process into a simple and seamless one. This programme excels in handling administrative activities, streamlining work processes, and other comparable tasks. Additionally, it helps with scheduling appointments, creating and paying invoices, keeping track of patients' information and administrative paperwork, among other tasks.

You've come to the correct place if your firm is searching to create the greatest clinic management software. With an experienced team and management, SISGAIN is one of the top practice management systems in Dubai. Our experienced developers have a wealth of knowledge about current business and technological trends. We work to deliver an information system for hospital architecture that is feature-rich while keeping in mind the existing state of healthcare. We hope to serve the healthcare sector by streamlining workflows with the aid of these. Clinics and medical facilities may save time, money, and effort by utilising these systems and software. Our specially designed solutions will aid hospital administration in improving performance, productivity, and efficiency. We provide best practice software cost to our clients.

Cost Efficiency


Saving money or lowering expenses is a huge advantage of the integrated practice management system. It helps keep the medical centre's financial records and income records up to date. The need for manual or human work automatically decreases with the use of these digital solutions. As a result, it aids in saving money that would otherwise be spent on labour and employees for such duties. Additionally, since all of these records are now available online digitally, there is no longer a need for physical files or paperwork due to clinic practice manager software in Abu Dhabi.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Improved Care Quality

We provide an outstanding healthcare practice management platform in the UAE to the healthcare units in an effort to increase productivity. It makes it possible for patients and medical professionals to access online electronic medical records more quickly. This combines and includes the many hospital departments, enabling the doctor to diagnose the patient quickly and effectively.

Fewer Errors and Blunders

Reduction in Errors

Humans are often prone to making mistakes, but our medical practice software programs include the greatest information and solutions to aid in streamlining productivity. Given that everything is kept digital with these systems, there are no billing errors and no records or files are lost.

Ability to Retrieve

Retrieval Skills

Our cloud based medical practice management software in the UAE allows you to quickly and easily access administrative, medical, and financial information. Such a feature and function aids management in carrying out their duties without difficulty or hindrance.

Data Security

Securing the Data

Cloud-based software is part of the hospital information system. Any unwanted individual cannot use this platform since it is safeguarded and secured. The uploaded data and information are secure. Our HIPAA-compliant, Health Level-7 physician practice software for UAE provides its authorised users with great data security and simplicity.

Quality Assurance and Adherence

Quality Control and Compliance

Hospitals and other medical facilities can maintain, store, and occasionally transmit their records and reports to NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) with the help of practice management solutions software. It facilitates the timely and efficient dissemination of such reports and data. In this way, it complies with and upholds NABH standards.

Our Practice Management Software for Healthcare

For the purpose of streamlining hospital administration and operations, we provide hospital software management practices to all healthcare professionals, including stakeholders like doctors, pharmacists, radiologists, pathologists, accountants, and others. Our technologically advanced solutions and forward-thinking architecture help save operating expenses, promote paperless workflow, and enhance patient engagement and performance.

Services We Offer

Healthcare practice management solutions in the UAE developed by SISGAIN assists in automating, organising, and providing access to data through a secure platform. We work to improve the standard of healthcare services.

Practice Management Software Solutions

Practice Management Software Solutions

Our programmers have created flexible practice management solutions software with a ton of features. It enables the clinic and its units to register patients, store patient information, handle insurance processing, and perform other tasks.

Hospital Information System Architecture

Building Information Systems for Hospitals

We provide client-server systems for various serving processing, such as site-specific and web-related. Top tools and features fuel our hospital information system design, allowing it to store and run organisational and healthcare data. It works with a number of healthcare databases, including the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), and others.

Hospital Information System Software

Healthcare Information Systems

Our effective hospital management solutions are designed to streamline business processes. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are able to do their jobs and administrative activities smoothly and easily in this fashion. It has a wide range of features and capabilities, including inventory management, invoicing procedures, online doctor-patient consultations, and more.

Integrated Medical Practice Management Software

Software for Integrated Medical Practice Management

The HL7 standards are adhered to and applied in our practice management system. It allows users to safely and securely obtain, use, and transmit medical information from one system to another. Additionally, we have connected it with other software for clinical decision support (CDS) systems, remote patient monitoring, e-prescriptions, and more.

Hospital RCM Services

RCM Services in Healthcare

The processing of both inpatient and outpatient information is managed by mechanisms that are specifically designed for our clinic practice management software. Hospital case management systems are effective in capturing and recording new patient information, allocating unoccupied wards or beds, providing appointment reminders or alerts, monitoring patients in real-time, integrating EHR/EMR systems, fostering doctor-patient contact, etc. We have been able to improve patient care thanks to these modules.

Hospital Case Management Software Services

Hospital Case Management Software Services

Our clinic practice management software has customized mechanisms to manage the workflow of inpatient and outpatient data. The hospital case systems are efficient in recording and registering new patient details, allotting vacant wards or beds, sending notifications or alerts for appointments, real-time monitoring of patients, integrating the EHR/EMR systems, forming doctor-patient engagement, etc. These modules have enabled us to enhance the patient care experience.

Healthcare Reporting Software Integration

Integration of Healthcare Reporting Software

In a hospital, keeping reports and records is essential. Most of the time, the original documents are either lost or destroyed. We have incorporated a reporting software into the HIS in order to maintain a suitable and comprehensive system of reports. Errors are reduced, and productivity is increased. Medical and administrative records are both safely stored in this software integration.

HIS And PMS Patient Portal Integration

Integration Between HIS And PMS Patient Portal

A patient can utilise this digital platform to set up and book consultation sessions, upload medical records and other documents, request prescription refills and electronic fills, and stay in touch with doctors directly through the patient portal. Doctors and practitioners may quickly access the patient's information, take their vital signs, observe from a distance, hold online consultations, issue invoices, and more with the aid of EMR/EHR/PHR connections.

Best Healthcare Practice Management Software

Features of the Doctor Portal

SISGAIN offers a physician practice management system in the UAE. It enables medical professionals to manage and conduct their procedures and tasks quickly and efficiently.
Periodic and Ongoing Upgrades

Regular and Ongoing Improvements

A doctor or healthcare provider who joins this forum receives rapid and frequent alerts and updates regarding conferences, meetings, appointments, and pretty much anything else relevant to healthcare institutions. It motivates them to work harder.

Set-Up Live Consultation

Live Consultation Feature

Patients and doctors can now schedule virtual appointments through online consultations. A doctor can confer with patients in real time, if necessary. These consultations can be conducted through voice, video, or text chat.

Patient Admissions

Admissions of Patients

The staff at the hospital and department can maintain an accurate and organised list of the number of people they have admitted using our hospital's information system. They can readily keep an accurate record of a patient's progress and medical reports. It facilitates time savings and lessens information loss.

Report Management

Management of Reports

A doctor has the characteristic of report management, which enables them to maintain a steady and trustworthy record of the daily actions. They can manage and govern their practice and operations thanks to that. Such a feature has been included by our programmers to our excellent medical clinic software.

Healthcare Practice Management Software Solutions by SISGAIN

We try to raise the quality of medical facilities and hospitals in order to improve their productivity. Our top medical practice management software in the UAE helps patients, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals improve the efficiency of the health care sector.

Features of Patient Forum

Our outstanding patient management software gives patients a better overall experience. Our software, which is enhanced with dynamic tools and capabilities, makes it easier to produce better performance reviews and elevates the standard of care.

Online Scheduling

Online Appointments

Patients can quickly arrange an appointment with doctors online rather than travelling to clinics or seeing doctors in person. By doing this, they are able to save time and money. By selecting an open slot, patients can make an appointment with the licensed doctor of their preference.

Approach Doctors

Consult medical professionals

A patient can create a list of medical specialists according to their condition and needs after enrolling on a medical practice management software. They may review the information offered about the professionals, including their credentials, years of experience, specialisations, client reviews, and more. They can message the doctor and approach him or her after choosing.

Access to Invoice and Bills

Obtaining Bills and Invoices

The invoices and bills for the payments made by the patients are readily available to them. These include the payment's amount and specifics, such as medications and online consultations. The patients can download and save these receipts with our help.

Electronic Prescriptions


They can review the specifics of their prescription as permitted and directed by the doctor. It would provide pertinent information about the medications, their dose, and when and how much to take. A patient can then verify and take the prescribed prescription as directed.

Management of Pathology

Our HIS has a specially designed pathology management system integrated into it that facilitates in managing and monitoring the activities and operations taking place in a pathology centre.
Upload Tests

Online Test Updation

The lab staff and pathologists can now submit the lab test results of the patients to the portal due to the greatest resources and technologies we've implemented.

Track Reports

Report Tracking

The pathologist can easily access, review, and download all the documents that are saved in the cloud based medical practice software in the UAE.

Live Video Consultation

Video Consultation in Real Time

Pathologists and their colleagues can join a doctor and patient in an online consultation when and if necessary. They can examine the test results and other information during the session.

Payroll and Leave Status

Paid Time Off and Leave Status

The pathology department workers can check and browse the specifics of their salary and leave through the forum. They can keep a regular and accurate record of such information with the support of this feature.

Why Choose the Healthcare Practice Management Software from SISGAIN?

We are the market's top seller of hospital information systems and the finest choice for your company. The following reasons tell you why you should choose us.


Rich in Features

The programme was created using the greatest features and technologies, which were infused and integrated by our talented developers. In this manner, we are able to encourage and support the expansion and development of the healthcare industry.

Delivery on Time

Reliable delivery

We adhere to the rules and treat deadlines seriously. We put in a lot of effort and strive to provide our clients with high-quality solutions on time.

Customized Services

Personalised Services

Because of their years of training and expertise, our talented programmers can offer a wide range of products and services to customers. We satisfy the needs and demands of your firm by offering you specialised software development.


Cost Efficient

We provide the best practice software cost to our clients, making them get affordable solutions. We are committed to offering our clients the best software and solutions possible at costs they can afford.

Hospital Practice Management Software by SISGAIN in the UAE

At SISGAIN, we have a team of knowledgeable programmers with years of expertise in healthcare development and applications. We strive to provide a strong and complete hospital information system for a range of hospitals and healthcare organisations. We combined the most recent technology and methods to provide the finest clinic management software. We have the ability to produce special software for our clients. With the use of our top-notch and reasonably priced medical practice management software in the UAE, let us support the growth and expansion of your business.

Hospital Practice Management System
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