Development of SISGAIN's HL7 Interface Software

Nowadays, the interchange and transfer of administrative or medical information is done so quickly and securely.The workflow of hospitals or healthcare facilities has been facilitated and simplified by such methods and approaches.

● Health Level-7 is the primary factor enabling such data to be transferred and transacted in such a fluid and quick manner.

● The healthcare business benefits from the flexible and strong norms and standards established by being able to seamlessly transfer critical management and medical data from software to software.

● It guarantees a secure method of handling such information.

Clients can get appropriately designed hl7 interface software from SISGAIN to meet their current demands as different healthcare providers.

● Our goal and devotion is to satisfy the various demands and requirements of our dependable clients and consumers.

● Our strong customised solutions assist us in doing that.

● While providing the HL7 integration solution in UAE, our organisation complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Give us an opportunity to use our cutting-edge services to boost the growth and productivity of your company.

HL7 Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution for HL7

We provide a solid integrated solution for HL7 by combining the greatest software technologies and tools. Our programmers concentrate on creating high-quality EMR/EHR modules, communications, administrative data, patient records, user interface, and other solutions.

HL7 Interface Development

HL7 Viewer Enhancement

The network design is monitored for stability by our software developers, who also conduct research using the LLP/IP/HLLP protocols. Additionally, our HL7 programming helps with message and software verification.

HL7 Viewer Programming

HL7 Viewer Programming

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, often known as FHIR, facilitate the electronic exchange of health- and medical-related documents and data. It adheres to and utilises HL7- designated sources, facilitating easy and efficient information exchange.

Third-Party Integration

Integration of Third Parties

For the development and production of specifically crafted hl7 software, SISGAIN has embedded and connected the healthcare service network with the most recent technologies. It is a cooperative platform that includes both Oracle SOA and BizTalk to provide vital information mapping and user interfaces.

HL7 FHIR Service

HL7 FHIR Service

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, often known as FHIR, facilitate the electronic exchange of health- and medical-related documents and data. It adheres to and utilises HL7- designated sources, facilitating easy and efficient information exchange.

HL7 Interface Engine

HL7 Interface Creation

We adhere to and take into account the Health Level-7 specified criteria and principles in order to produce an effective hl7 interface platform. It benefits the smooth integration of various healthcare technology and components, including hospital administration, billing, records, and others.

HL7 Integration Platform of the Finest Quality

Building platforms with a wide range of features and that meet industry and international standards for the sharing of medical data is our top priority at SISGAIN, being a hl7 based software company in UAE. To help our clients function more quickly, we produce effective results.

Features of Our Healthcare Interface Software

We want to improve our operational and medical services by introducing and utilising the greatest and most reliable software and technological advancements in our healthcare services. Our top-notch, quality-guaranteed software integrated solutions in UAE will enhance and streamline the client's business.

EMR/EHR/PHR Solutions

EMR/EHR/PHR Solutions

We make it simple for patients, professionals, and healthcare providers to absorb or share data with the help of our custom EHR/EMR/PHR software development. It is a practical method for obtaining such data quickly and efficiently. Innovative, clear-cut, and safe solutions are made available for the same by our management.

Pharmacy Management

Managing the Pharmacy

Our HIPAA-compliant pharmacy management system helps to enhance the user experience for both doctors and patients. It contains feature-rich, integrated software that helps with a variety of tasks, including scheduling, inventory control, electronic prescriptions, and many others. Through the use of digital and virtual tools, this system improves the standard of healthcare.

Medical Claims

Health Claims

The patient can handle the bills and insurance costs through the automated systems with the use of SISGAIN's medical claims processing automation. It is a quick and practical method for obtaining claims and reducing mistakes. A system like this is in charge of increasing efficiency in these operations. Patients or users can submit an electronic or online claim for their health or medical care.

Telehealth Systems

Systems for Telehealth

The top telehealth innovations and solutions are created by our software developers for hospitals, physicians, patients, and other healthcare facilities. These platforms assist in teaching people about healthcare as well as linking physicians and patients. Our software complies with the rules and regulations set out by HIPAA-compliant providers. It is a safe and secure platform that improves user interaction and fosters the growth of telehealth.

Health Information System

Information system for health

For our health information management systems, we provide scalable solutions that are individually designed. Depending on the needs, size, and other characteristics of your firm, our experts may construct relevant and compatible software solutions. Our health information management system works to streamline the workflow and improve performance with our built- in features and functions.

E- Prescriptions Software

Software for e-prescriptions

Hospitals and medical professionals can directly exchange a patient's essential medical prescription with medicine stores and pharmacies using digital and internet means. Our programmers have included the most reliable EHR technologies that assist in the electronic transfer of data and prescriptions. Access to medical treatments is made easier by a facility like this.

Documents Management

Management of Documents

A person can quickly update and upload data online with the help of our documents management system without any problems. We provide consumers with a dependable and stable user experience that is integrated with safety and security measures and instructions.

Patient Portal

Health-Care Portal

Our specialised, HIPAA-compliant patient portal software helps in creating a solid, dependable network and a channel of communication between a patient and a doctor. The management of the practice systems is greatly facilitated by these portals. The user gains access to electronic health or medical records, books or scheduled consultations, may chat, call, or use audio or video with doctors, and more.


Characteristics of HL7 Interface Engine

By including outstanding HL7 integration technologies and qualities that assist the system and enable exploiting healthcare integrations, we provide amazing and dependable solutions for our clients.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Through virtual means, doctors can monitor the development and state of their patients' health from a distance. Through HL7 integration, patient data and vitals are carefully, precisely, and securely gathered. With the help of these tools and integrations, a solid foundation is created for trouble-free remote monitoring.

Remove VPNs

Discard VPNs

We provide reliable and secure technologies that make it simple to share, move, and exchange crucial medical and health data. For the goal, HL7 establishes a set of strict criteria. Such elements negate and erase the requirement or demand for VPN use in the creation of healthcare software.

Customized Notifications Configuration

Configuration of Custom Notifications

The creation of the HL7 interface enables organising or customising alerts and notifications for platforms on the web and mobile. In regards to their appointments, schedules, or doctor chats, the users of the telemedicine or telehealth programme would receive personalised alerts.

Reliable Interface

Consistent Interface

No matter the data types or styles, HL7 provides a solid platform for everyone. Its clearly laid out rules and regulations provide a secure user experience that is simple for consumers to understand. To assure dependability and stability, our developers selected the greatest HL7 interface engine.


Our experts provide brilliant services and solutions for the creation of HL7 software for many clients with their various requests in order to improve and boost the experience and development of the health industry and sector.

The Importance of HL7 Interface Services

We fabricate such software and systems that increase the performance of your organization and business. You can achieve better outcomes and responses by enabling and implementing our hl7 integration solution in UAE with quality benefits.

Workflow Robotization

The Importance of HL7 Interface Services

The compatibility is improved by our HL7 interface software since it supports both the current and other existing APIs. It correctly channels and transmits medical data and information from one system to another. The activities and processes are carried out steadily and flawlessly by an automated and mechanised system.

Reduces Errors and Failures

Lowers failures and errors

Clinical data from reputable sources can be received by and accessed by healthcare units and facilities. These systems aid in the synchronised and orderly sharing of information and data. It helps preserve the correctness of the medical records and expedites tasks in accordance with Health Level 7 criteria. It also helps to get rid of any management mistakes.

Enhances the Productivity

Boosts Medical Unit Productivity

These simplified and integrated HL7 solutions have helped healthcare facilities and providers build a better method of communication and record-sharing for crucial patient information. Information has been delivered more quickly as a result of it. Additionally, it has resulted in increased performance and advancement in the treatment and condition of a patient.

Better Integration

Improved Integration

Software for the development of healthcare uses a variety of equally important systems and solutions. HL7 aids in developing a helpful universal protocol for system collaboration and integration for effective operation. These numerous organisations and systems are able to access the data stored in these healthcare software platforms more quickly and securely.

HL7 Interface Development on a Custom Basis

We are able to fulfil the demands and requirements of our customers by offering our development software and solutions in a customised method. With the use of cutting-edge tools and technology, we work to design healthcare interfaces that are effective and sound.
HL7 Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications for HL7

We develop reliable and adaptable mobile apps for hl7 by putting top-notch technology and hl7 integration tools to use. We provide an excellent, user-friendly user experience that makes it easy for the user to browse and skim without getting lost. It features a strong and dependable structure for exchanging information.

HL7 Integration Solution

Integrating Wearable Devices with HL7

We provide patients who use remote monitoring services unequalled integrated hl7 solutions in order to promote and provide quality care. Our HL7 software is organised nicely and complies with wearable technology or health analysis gadgets. They record and gather precise information and data.

HL7 Wearable Devices Integration

Solution for HL7 Integration

Our HL7 solutions include exacting standards and guidelines for patient care and administration, pharmacy systems, electronic medical records, consultations, messaging, user interface, billing, and a wide range of other applications.

HL7 Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based Services for HL7

For a secure and reliable access to and retrieval of health-related or clinical data and information, our knowledgeable developers at SISGAIN have incorporated and deployed cloud- based apps. Thus, access to these electronic and digital data would be restricted to those with a valid admission.

What Sets Our HL7 Interface Services Apart?

We have earned the reputation of being the leading hl7 interface engine providers owing to our genuine and as-promised services. We are a group of highly skilled professionals that are up for difficult assignments and new innovations from our clients.

Diminishing Costs

Quick Delivery

Our ability to offer software or development solutions on schedule as promised is one of the potential drivers of our success and accomplishments. We produce our dynamic, quality- assured solutions quickly and precisely.

Customized Solutions

Cost reduction

Our powerful hl7 solutions use hand-selected, ground-breaking resources and technology. We charge our customers a fair price for these services.

Utilizing the Best Resources

Tailored Solutions

We are renowned for offering specialised services and solutions for software projects and healthcare interfaces. We make sure to carefully evaluate each client's unique requirements by including them as we prepare the solutions. Our motivation comes from delivering results from our unique software that make our customers and clients happy.

Interface Services Exceptional?

Optimum Utilisation of Resources

In our software and development services, we make sure to employ the best and most recent tools, technologies, and resources. We take use of the client's company to improve and become more efficient by integrating and simplifying. In the process of creating the solutions, our skilled developers carefully choose these resources.

 Integration Solution in UAE

Hl7 Integration Solution from SISGAIN in the UAE

Your search ends at SISGAIN if you're looking for a reputable and successful hl7 integration services provider company in the UAE!

● A well-known software development firm.

● Having experience in the industry and have been working for about 14 years

● Leading experts and seasoned software engineers make up our management and staff.

● We have worked closely with several of our dependable clientele.

● We work hard to create the greatest, most feature-rich HL7 interface engine.

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