Best Healthcare App Development Services in UAE

The healthcare sector is being redefined by SISGAIN's healthcare app development solutions. We have contributed to thorough patient diagnosis and better patient outcomes. We design our healthcare software so that everyone can use it without any hassle and without any limitations.

Healthcare Software Technologies we offer

We provide a simplified clinical workflow and enhanced doctor-patient communication in addition to customising unique healthcare software development solutions.

Healthcare Software Solutions Dubai

Healthcare Software Solutions

We provide our clients high-quality solutions for improvement. As a result, they have made it possible for healthcare organisations to efficiently carry out operational processes while also improving service quality.

EHR Mobile App Development

EHR Mobile App Development

For smooth medical information interchange and patient tracking, healthcare professionals can use our cross-platform apps.

EHR Implementation

EHR Implementation

Evaluations of the health records system, such as pilot training and user training, are simply implemented by our developers as we are one of the best healthcare app developers in UAE.

Health Information Exchange Mobile Apps

Health Information Exchange Mobile Apps

Our cross-platform applications are made to access HIE data and raise the standard of patient care.

Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software

We have a built-in medication synchronisation module to process refill requests automatically and provide our clients with additional services.


RCM Software

To simplify healthcare procedures, we provide RCM systems with built-in contract modelling capabilities.

Assistive Technology

Helpful Technologies

To improve communication for patients with impairments, our custom medical software development incorporates augmentative and alternative communication technologies.

E-Prescription App

App for E-Prescription

To improve communication between patients and clinicians, our e-prescription apps include EHR, EMR, and PHR solutions.

Laboratory Information Management System

Information Management System for Laboratories

To help our clients track reagents, order quantities, and manage lab inventory, our system gives you the ability to handle inventory management modules.

Components Of Our Healthcare Apps

Components Of Our Healthcare Apps & Software Development

We are a company that develops healthcare apps which supports a thriving ecosystem, allowing businesses to win over loyal clients and improve operational efficiency.
Digital Health Analytics

Digital Health Analytics

Get all the information on your population, clinical, financial, and other studies. Our digital health analytics application & software development solution improves the quality of medical care.

Automations systems


By utilising chat boxes and digital process automation, we assist you in lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Systems created by our skilled developers assist providers in monitoring and gathering crucial patient medical data using digital gadgets throughout.

Health Wallet

Health Wallets

To sustain patient health, we create digital health portals. In order to create a safe and private environment, we have the necessary tools, profiles, and services.

Transforming Healthcare

By improving the health and fitness capabilities of your patients through our digital tracking, HIPAA Compliant, and also fast applications.

Telehealth Software Solutions

We make it possible for you to provide remote health services by enabling telehealth software solutions. To increase the effectiveness and calibre of medical treatment, we educate and train.

mobile application app

Software Development

We can use the device cameras, SMS, and APIs to create unique mobile telemedicine apps for you. Consequently, calling, video streaming, and patient interaction processes will all be improved.

Live Video Streaming Apps

Apps for streaming live video

Our programmers can create robust video streaming services with capabilities for virtual doctor appointments and online consultations.

Telemedicine Integrations

Integrations with Telemedicine

Our telemedicine application has HL7 connections. We provide easy transmission of protocols and streamline the RCM procedure.

Cloud-Based Systems

Systems Using the Cloud

For hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, we provide highly interoperable tailored telemedicine systems.

Software solutions for pharmacy management

We provide pharmacy management software solutions that will make it simple for you to improve workflow. We offer a fully integrated system for processing payments as well as real-time communication capabilities.

Software Development

Software Development

You can benefit from built-in medicine modules, POS integrations, automatic refill processing, and other services since we design customised pharmacy software.

POS System Integrations

System Integrations for POS

You can use control modules and e-signature tools for carrying out particular duties by combining our software with POS systems.

Inventory Management

Inventory Control

You can access integrated barcode scanners and national medication code manifests by automating your pharmacy procedures.

Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Robotic automation procedures are a feature of our telemedicine software solutions, providing access to automated pharmaceutical activities.

Software Solutions for Pharmacy Management


The healthcare sector is undergoing significant changes, therefore we re-energize, re-think, and refurbish all of our solutions for you.

Software Solutions for Doctors
IT strategy Consulting

Consultation on IT strategy

When you engage with us, you get specially created solutions for your telehealth app development-related issues. We have expert expertise and can assist you in making wiser choices.

Data Integrations and Migration

Migration and Integration of Data

We successfully integrate with your healthcare systems, enabling you to provide improved patient care. From conceptualization to social interactions, we manage it all.

Patient Engagement

Patient Participation

Our medical practice management software solutions can assist you in exceeding your patients' expectations. Consequently, implement process optimization, wearable integrations, increased customer satisfaction, and more.

Tailored Applications

Application Specifications

To give your patients greater service, we have value-based healthcare models. Using our tools, we enable you to make wise judgements.


Our Working Process

Working Process


Firstly, it all starts with a good idea. Also, we carefully think and creating new ideas for your project. We work towards achieving it.



Secondly, planning is a core part of the development process. Our expert developers will also help you determine the project scope, new strategies to enhance them. And ways to make the development faster.



Thirdly, we start with the main development. Execution of products can also sometimes become the hardest part of the development process. But we always perform it with perfection.



Fourthly and finally, we deliver you the final product. By giving our clients the best quality. And also fulfilling their needs, we hand over the final product.

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