Efficient Healthcare App Development Solutions

SISGAIN’s healthcare app development solutions are reinventing the healthcare industry. We have also helped in thoroughly diagnosing. And also improving patient outcomes. We build our healthcare software in such ways that it can be used effortlessly by anyone. And leaves no restrictions.

Our Healthcare Software Technologies

With engineered custom healthcare software development solutions. We also promote a streamlined clinical workflow. And improved doctor-patient communications.


Healthcare Software Solutions

Quality and also improvement solutions we provide to our clients. Hence, they have allowed healthcare organizations to efficiently carry operational models. Also, at the same time enhance service quality.


EHR Mobile App Development

We also have cross-platform applications. For healthcare providers to seamlessly exchange medical information. And also track patients, etc.


EHR Implementation

Our developers can easily implement health records system evaluations. Also, pilot training, user training, etc.


Health Information Exchange Mobile Apps

Our cross-platform apps are designed to access HIE data. And also to improve the medical care quality for patients.


Pharmacy Software

We have a built-in medication synchronization module. Therefore, make automatic refill processings, and also more for our clients.


RCM Software

We have RCM solutions. With built-in contract modeling tools. To also streamline healthcare processes.


Assistive Technologies

Our custom medical software development includes augmentative and also alternative communication tools. Therefore, to enhance communication for people with disabilities.


E-Prescription App

Our e-prescription apps come with EHR, EMR, and also PHR solutions. Therefore, increase communication processes between patients and providers.


Laboratory Information Management System

Our LIMS allows you to handle inventory management modules. Hence track reagents, order quantities, and also manage lab inventory.


Segments Of Our Healthcare Apps & Software Development

Get yourself a healthcare app development company that enables a healthy ecosystem that empowers organizations to make loyal customers and make a difference in their health outcomes and operational costs.

Digital Health Analytics

Get all the insights into your clinical, financial, population, research. And also improved medical care quality with our digital health analytics application & software development solution.



We can also help you reduce costs. And also enhance your operational efficiencies. Using digital process automation and chat boxes.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Our expert developers build systems that help providers in monitoring. And also collecting important medical information of patients. All through digital devices.


Health Wallets

We build digital health portals for maintaining patient health. Also, we have tools, profiles, and services. Therefore, we build a secure and also confidential environment

Transforming Healthcare

By improving the health and fitness capabilities of your patients through our digital tracking, HIPAA Compliant, and also fast applications.

Telehealth Software Solutions

We enable custom telehealth software solutions for you to deliver remote health services. Also, we educate and train to improve the efficiency and quality of medical care.


Mobile Applications

We can build custom telemedicine mobile applications for you/ By leveraging device cameras, SMS, APIs. Therefore, improving patient engagement, calling. And also video streaming processes.


Live Video Streaming Apps

Our developers can engineer powerful video streaming solutions. Filled with online consultation and also virtual doctor appointment features.


Telemedicine Integrations

We implement HL7 integrations into our telemedicine application. We also help streamline the RCM workflow and transmit protocols easily.


Cloud-Based Systems

We have highly interoperable custom telemedicine solutions. Designed specifically for medical practices, clinics, and hospitals, etc.


We have pharmacy management software solutions. Hence, you can easily enhance your workflow. You also get an entire integrated payment processing system. And real-time communication abilities.


Software Development

We also have custom pharmacy software development. Hence, you get built-in medication modules, POS integrations, automatic refill processing, and also more services.


POS System Integrations

By integrating our software with POS tools, you can also access control modules. And e-signature tools for performing specific tasks.


Inventory Management

By turning your pharmacy processes automatic, you get access to integrated barcode scanners. And also national drug code manifests.


Automation Systems

Our telemedicine software solutions come with robotic automation processes. This also gives access to automatic pharmacy operations.


There are crucial changes in the healthcare industry. Hence, we re-energize, re-think, and also re-furbish all solutions for you.


IT strategy Consulting

When you work with us, you get exclusively designed solutions. For your problems related to telehealth app development. We also know knowledgeable insight. And can help you with better decision-making.


Data Integrations and Migration

We can also make effective integrations with your healthcare systems. Therefore, helping you better care for your patients. We also handle everything from ideation to social engagements.


Patient Engagement

Help meet your patient’s expectations. With our medical practice management software solutions. Therefore, carry out streamlined workflow, wearable integrations, improved customer satisfaction, and more.


Tailored Applications

We have value-based healthcare models. To deliver your patients better experiences. Also, make informed decisions with our software.


Our Working Process



Firstly, it all starts with a good idea. Also, we carefully think and creating new ideas for your project. We work towards achieving it.



Secondly, planning is a core part of the development process. Our expert developers will also help you determine the project scope, new strategies to enhance them. And ways to make the development faster.



Thirdly, we start with the main development. Execution of products can also sometimes become the hardest part of the development process. But we always perform it with perfection.



Fourthly and finally, we deliver you the final product. By giving our clients the best quality. And also fulfilling their needs, we hand over the final product.

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