Health Information Exchange Solutions

Would it not be much better if doctors, patients, or healthcare practitioners access and utilize medical records promptly instead of rummaging through the pile of files and folders! And to make that happen, we have with ourselves HIE software! Health Information Exchange is beneficial and effective in streamlining the workflow in clinics and healthcare centers. It has aided in increasing and improving the access speed to the healthcare records and data stored electronically. With the help of these health information exchange solutions, information is shared much faster, precisely, and easily among the associated parties. Keeping in consideration the HIE interoperability, we are the best people for such software development!

SISGAIN is an impeccable company that develops innovative health information exchange software in UAE. With the help of that, a patient does not have to carry their medical documents with them everywhere they go. On our well-built health information exchange platform, a clinician can immediately view and use such clinical documentation. We have recruited highly experienced, qualified, and competent software developers who fabricate and grant feature-rich services. If your organization requires feature-specific HIE solutions for hospitals, we can deliver them to you quickly! We have incorporated and adhered to the standards of HL7 and HIPAA compliance. Get access to our time-saving and cost-efficient HIE systems!

Our Featured Services


HIE Interface Development

With our Devops Cloud services, we help organizations maintain, plan and build strategies for adapting to better DevOps services. Our DevOps will help you adapt to more new applications. We test everything before handing you out the application.


Third-party HIE Integration

With the help of third-party integration, we improve the efficiency and operations of the software program. At SISGAIN, we have integrated and incorporated the HIE network with Orion Health, Allscripts, and so on. We also implement other reliable and tech-savvy sources in our health information exchange development for increased productivity.


HIE Architecture Solutions

We bring to you cloud-based architecture HIE systems that enhance the quality of the flow of the operations. Our developers have integrated web administrations in messaging protocols. For instance, it incorporates HTTP, FTP, APIs, and more (messaging protocols) along with REST, XML, JSON (web administrations). The software engineers at SISGAIN aid in building such an effective health information exchange platform and architecture.


HIE Standards Compliance

In order to have a smooth and secure flow of work, our health information exchange software in the UAE adheres to the standards and guidelines of Health Level-7 and HIPAA. In addition to that, our developers have fused and embedded Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA), Clinical Document Architectures (CDA), plus Continuity of Care Documents (CCD).


HIE Mobile/Web App Development

At SISGAIN, our developers prepare web and mobile app development solutions for healthcare practitioners and units. We provide both native and cross-platform solutions. With the help of these HIE services, a medical practitioner is able to gain immediate and direct access to the data through the web or mobile apps.


HIE Interoperability Solutions

With the help of our interoperable systems, the exchange of information digitally takes place seamlessly. The HIE interoperability functions and application are incorporated in the electronic health record and electronic medical records systems, hospital management system, lab integration programs. We utilize merging and the latest technologies and gadgets in enabling that.

Health Information Exchange Companies

SISGAIN is one of the best companies in the industry to provide services and solutions for health information exchange platforms. Our developers utilize unmatched strategies and techniques to prepare a functional and effective HIE network!


Advantages of our HIE Systems

With the help and use of health information exchange solutions, we aim to accelerate the performance and progress of hospital chains, clinics, medical practitioners, patients, and other users! Developed with enriching tools and sources, our HIE systems are highly suitable for a variety of healthcare organizations!


Reduced Errors

When we do any task manually, the chances of any mistake occurring are higher than when done mechanically. That is why we create our HIE services exceptionally for healthcare units and organizations. It assists in reducing the mistakes from happening on the electronic records of patients. As the data is available online and digitally, the system assesses it to get rid of any medical error to ensure safety and reliability for the patient and other users.


Support Tool

One of the best qualities and attributes of SISGAIN's health information exchange platform is that it grants steady assistance to medical practitioners and physicians. Such aid and support adds to their efficiency and improves their performance. As a result, it helps in enhancing and magnifying the quality of healthcare and services provided to the patients.


Health Monitoring

Since the arrival of the health information exchange software in the UAE, there is no longer a need to carry paper documents or files of medication and health. All of these things can be uploaded digitally and are found in electronic form. Such availability of medical or patient data has improved access. Now doctors and hospitals can examine such electronic records, which allows them to monitor and maintain a patient's health in a better manner.


Enhances Efficiency

It is easy to lose documents or records when they are available in physical form like paper. However, using our cloud-based and secure HIE solutions for hospitals, one does not lose such data. As these records and information are stored and maintained digitally online, they are kept safe and within easy reach to their users..


Helps in Minimizing Costs

Our developers produce HIE technology & interface development that are extremely advantageous and helpful in reducing or eliminating costs. It facilitates the secure and digital storage of patients and other healthcare records. The need for manual or human labor is automatically reduced with the use of these digital devices. As a result, money that would have been spent on the labor and employees for such duties is saved. In addition to that, it also grants essential information concerning personal health to the consumers.


Enhances Result Through Elimination

By removing and discarding irrelevant and superfluous testing procedures, the HIE systems make the final results and execution of the healthcare services better. We have infused quality features in our solutions that help the health information exchange organizations accelerate and increase work efficiency significantly.


Abundance of Possibilities

Future potential, including care management platforms, cross-facility utilization, and superior clinical and financial analytics, could be made possible with the availability of comprehensive HIE software solutions in the UAE. The HIE system also assists authorities overseas by giving timely access to public health data and assisting governments in planning and prioritizing initiatives to promote people's quality of life.


Saving Time

Instead of wasting and consuming your time searching for the paper copies of our medical records, you can save your time with the help of SISGAIN's HIE portal. This portal offers a safe place for storing, maintaining, exchanging, or accessing our personal healthcare reports. As they are available electronically, one can access them at any time and from any location. That way, a lot of our time is saved. Plus, patients can share these records with healthcare practitioners quickly and effortlessly.


Our Top-Notch Healthcare Development Solutions

We believe in granting better access to healthcare services, and facilities to everyone, even in the remotest destinations. And to make sure that happens, we create feature-rich and cutting-edge healthcare development software solutions to boost the reachability of the healthcare industry!

EHR Software Development

Our electronic health software helps doctors and patients to get their hands on medical records conveniently. These digital reports are kept and maintained safely on a cloud-based platform. It helps prevent the loss or damage to these records. As well as improves the efficiency of its users in accessing them.


Telemedicine Software Development

With the arrival of telemedicine solutions, we have been granted better access to health and medical services. A person can avail of these from the comfort of their places without having to visit a doctor's clinic or hospital. Such instant and effective availability of healthcare services have brought an improvement in the lifestyle of patients and helped them in saving costs and time!


Healthcare Practice Management Software

By integrating practice management software with tech-savvy resources and tools, a majority of the healthcare operations and activities are streamlined. Such a smooth flow of work is very beneficial in improving the quality of healthcare and improving the quality of life. It also helps in online consultations and more!


Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

A patient can get themselves examined and assessed from the safety and convenience of their homes. Technological advancements like remote patient monitoring support healthcare professionals in checking and observing the pattern and behavior of their patients.In addition to that, with the help of wearable gadgets and devices, a doctor can assess and calculate the vitals of a patient. Moreover, they can record such details digitally in the software.

SISGAIN HIE Software Solutions in UAE

You can now exchange and transfer vital health-related data online from one user to the other with the help of our health information exchange platform. It is a safe and guarded route that is compliant with the safety guidelines of HIPAA and Health Level-7. We can deliver customized and quality-rich HIE services to you!

Empowering Features in Our HIE Software

We endeavor to magnify the quality of our services by delivering compelling and compatible health information exchange software in UAE for a variety of clients.


User-friendly Interface

Our developers are adept at creating tailor-made software for clients. By building a user-friendly interface, we improve the experience of the consumers. They can easily work their work through the software without any difficulty. The interface is very understandable and readable for anyone.


Multilingual Platform

Health-related services are used by everyone around the globe. Our international clients, at times, seek HIE systems that can cater to the needs of language understandability. And here at SISGAIN, we make sure to meet such a requirement. This multiple health information exchange platform is very well-recognized among its users!


Flexible in Nature

Health information exchange solutions that are simple to use and comprehend will enable you to favorably embrace, manage, and exchange health information via a computerized network. Without changing the pattern, architecture, or procedures of the company's operation, you can utilize these solutions to the fullest. It would not affect your staff requirement. Instead of that, it would make things smoother and more efficient than before.


Strategy for a Long-Term Health Information Exchange

SISGAIN brings you HIE software solutions in UAE that will have an integrated financial model depending on the operational goals you've outlined in your mission and objectives. We provide not only value to our clients; but also consider their financial situation and the constant obligation that comes with displaying a dependable and sustainable company approach. That will dramatically increase your profit margins.

HIE Systems Suitability

We create dynamic and robust solutions of health information exchange for its diverse users. It enables them to swiftly and promptly get access to the crucial data stored electronically and securely.


A patient does not have to worry about maintaining proper and precise records of paper documents. They can have much direct and easier access to such critical health-related data using our HIE services. It helps in conserving their time by transferring such records to doctors quickly.



The personnel working in test labs can rapidly get their hands on relevant patient data through the secure and stable HIE network. It permits them to upload and share significant test results with patients and practitioners seamlessly and electronically.



Using the health information exchange software, doctors and practitioners are able to assess and view the patient's medical records instantly. They can gain access to such information whenever and from wherever they seek. It has a very efficient and practical approach to it.


Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers that are linked and associated with the patients can view and analyze the medical records securely. The burden of having to maintain and organize physical and paper records is minimized due to HIE systems.

Benefits of Our HIE Services

Have a look at the following reasons that make us stand out from others in the software development industry! We aim to offer the best quality services and solutions to all our clients!



In the design of the program, our expert developers have infused and combined the best features and technology. We will be able to help and improve the healthcare sector's development and progress in this manner.


On-time delivery

We stick to the rules and are very conscientious about meeting deadlines. We work hard and strive to provide our clients with high-quality solutions on schedule.


Tailored Services

Our talented programmers have years of expertise and knowledge. It allows them to provide a wide array of services and solutions to clients. We meet the demands and objectives of your organization by providing personalized software development.



We take pride in offering our clients high-quality, top-of-the-line solutions and software at an economical cost! In our cost-effective health information exchange solutions, we use a variety of new advancements and materials..

SISGAIN's Unmatched Health Information Exchange Software in UAE

At SISGAIN, we have a staff of capable experts with years of professional experience in IT advancement. We are developing advanced and popular HIE solutions for hospitals and a variety of healthcare organizations. We merged and executed the most cutting-edge systems and products to produce the best clinic management software. We have the capacity to develop one-of-a-kind software for our clients. Allow our excellent and affordable HIE application and HIE software solutions in UAE to assist you in improving and developing your firm.

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