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Wouldn't it be preferable if physicians, patients, or healthcare professionals could quickly access and use medical records as compared to digging through a mountain of files and folders. We have a Health Information System in the UAE on hand to make it happen. The workflow in hospitals and clinics can be improved and streamlined via the use of health information exchange. It has helped to increase and improve the speed of access to the electronic medical records and data. This health information exchange system in UAE enables quicker, reliable, and simple information sharing among the involved parties. We are the perfect fit for such software development since we take HIE compatibility into account.

SISGAIN is a reputable business that creates cutting-edge health information software in the UAE. A patient can avoid carrying their medical records with them everywhere they go with the help of this. Any clinical data is readily available for a doctor to inspect and utilise on our well- designed health information exchange platform UAE . We have hired highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent software developers who create and provide services with plenty of features. We can immediately provide you with feature-specific HIE solutions for hospitals if your business needs them. The requirements of HL7 and HIPAA compliance have been included, and we have followed them. Obtain access to our HIE systems, which are both affordable and time-saving.

Our Highlighted Services

HIE Interface Development

Interface Development for HIE

We assist firms in maintaining, planning, and developing plans for adjusting to improved DevOps services with our Devops Cloud services. You can adapt to new apps with the help of our DevOps. Before sending you the application, we test everything.

Third-party HIE Integration

Integration of HIE by third parties

We enhance the effectiveness and functionality of the software programme with the assistance of third-party integration. For greater efficiency, we also incorporate additional trustworthy and tech-savvy sources into the creation of our health information exchange.

HIE Architecture Solutions

Architecture Solutions by HIE

We offer HIE solutions with cloud-based architecture to improve the efficiency of operations. Web administrations have been included by our engineers into messaging protocols. The platform and architecture for exchanging health information is made possible by the software experts of SISGAIN.

HIE Standards Compliance

Compliance with HIE Standards

Our health information exchange software in the UAE complies with Health Level-7 and HIPAA standards and regulations to provide a secure and efficient workflow. Additionally, our developers have integrated and incorporated Continuity of Care Documents, Clinical Document Architectures, and Quality Reporting Document Architecture.

HIE Mobile/Web App Development

Web/Mobile App Development by HIE

For healthcare professionals and organisations, SISGAIN's developers create online and mobile app development solutions. We offer native as well as cross-platform solutions. A medical professional can have rapid, direct access to the data via the web or mobile apps with the aid of these HIE services.

HIE Interoperability Solutions

Connectivity Solutions for HIE

Our compatible technologies provide smooth information exchange across digital channels. EHR, EMR, hospital management systems, and lab integration programmes all include HIE interoperability capabilities and applications. In order to make it possible, we combine the newest technology and equipment.

Top HIE Company

When it comes to offering services and solutions for platforms that share health information, SISGAIN is among the leading businesses in the sector. To create a functioning and efficient HIE network, our developers employ unique tactics and approaches.

Positive aspects of our HIE Systems

We want to improve and hasten the performance of hospital systems, clinics, doctors, patients, and other users with the use of health information exchange solutions. Our HIE solutions are created with increasing resources and capabilities, making them well suited for a range of healthcare institutions.

Reduced Errors

Lower Error Rates

Doing tasks manually increases the chances of mistakes, which is why we integrate HIE services in our healthcare units. It helps to lessen errors from occurring on the patient's electronic records. Since the data is online-accessible, the system evaluates it to clear out any medical mistakes and guarantee accuracy and dependability for the patients.

Support Tool

Tool for Support

The fact that SISGAIN's health information exchange platform consistently provides support to medical professionals and physicians is one of its strongest features and advantages. Such assistance and support boosts their effectiveness and enhances their output.

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

It is no longer necessary to carry paper records or files of medicine and health with the introduction of the health information exchange software in the UAE. These items can all be accessed in electronic form and submitted digitally. Access has been facilitated by the availability of patient data. Now that doctors and hospitals have access to these computerised records, they can better monitor and manage a patient's health.

Enhances Efficiency

Increases Effectiveness

Documents and records that are available in physical form, such as paper, are more prone to loss. However, one does not lose such data while utilising our HIE solutions for hospitals, which are safe and cloud-based. These documents and data are kept safe and easily accessible for their users since they are digitally saved and maintained online.

Helps in Minimizing Costs

Reduces costs

Our programmers provide HIE technology and interface development that is very beneficial and helps in lowering or eliminating costs. It makes it easier to store patient information and other healthcare documents securely online. The usage of these digital technologies automatically reduces the demand for manual work.

Enhances Result

Improves Outcome Through Elimination

The HIE systems improve the end outcomes and delivery of healthcare services by eliminating and rejecting unnecessary and irrelevant testing processes. We have incorporated high-quality features into our solutions that greatly speed up and improve job efficiency for health information exchange enterprises.

Abundance of Possibilities

Numerous Possibilities

With the availability of complete HIE software solutions in the UAE, future possibilities, including care management platforms, cross-facility utilisation, and improved clinical and financial analytics, might be made achievable. By providing timely access to public health data and aiding governments in planning and prioritising measures to improve people's quality of life, the HIE system also helps authorities abroad.

Saving Time

Time Management

With the use of SISGAIN's HIE portal, you can save time rather than wasting it looking for paper copies of your medical data. Our personal healthcare reports can be safely stored, maintained, exchanged, or accessed through this site. One may access them whenever they want and from wherever they are because they are available online.


Our Outstanding Healthcare Development Solutions

Even in the most isolated locations, we think that everyone should have improved access to healthcare services and facilities. And we offer feature-rich, cutting-edge healthcare development software solutions to increase the healthcare industry's accessibility in order to make sure that occurs.
EHR Software Development

Software Development for EHR

Our electronic health platform makes it easy for patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to access medical records. These electronic reports are securely stored and kept up to date on a cloud-based platform. It helps in avoiding the loss or destruction of these documents and increases how effectively its users can access them.

Telemedicine Software Development

Development of Software for Telemedicine

Our access to health and medical services has improved with the advent of telemedicine options. Without having to travel to a doctor's office or hospital, a person can utilise these services from the convenience of their own location. Patients' lifestyles have improved as a result of the immediate and efficient provision of healthcare services, which has also allowed them to save money and time.

Healthcare Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software for Healthcare

Most healthcare operations and activities are simplified by combining practice management software with tech-savvy resources and technologies. Such an efficient workflow is highly helpful in raising the standard of living and healthcare.

Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

Systems for remote patient monitoring

A patient can get themselves examined and assessed from the safety and convenience of their homes. Technological advancements like remote patient monitoring support healthcare professionals in checking and observing the pattern and behavior of their patients.In addition to that, with the help of wearable gadgets and devices, a doctor can assess and calculate the vitals of a patient. Moreover, they can record such details digitally in the software.

HIE Software Solutions via SISGAIN

With the support of our health information exchange platform, you can share and transfer essential health-related data online between users. It is a secure method that complies with Health Level-7 and HIPAA safety regulations. You can receive highly specialised and high- quality HIE services from us.

Features in Our HIE Software That Are Effective

Delivering engaging and suitable health information exchange software in UAE for a variety of clients is part of our effort to increase the quality of our services.

User-friendly Interface

Friendly User Interface

Our programmers are skilled in developing software specifically for customers. We enhance the experience by creating a user-friendly interface. They have no trouble using the programme to do their task. Anyone can easily comprehend and interpret the UI.

Multilingual Platform

Platform for Languages

Everyone in the world uses services connected to health. At times, our foreign clients need HIE solutions that can accommodate their demands for linguistic comprehension. At SISGAIN, we make it a priority to fulfil such needs. The platform for exchanging numerous types of health information is well known among its users.

Flexible in Nature

Adaptable Nature

You can accept, manage, and share health information over a computerised network if you employ health information exchange solutions that are simple to use and understand. You can make the most of these solutions without altering the organisational structure, design, or operational processes of the business. Your need for personnel would not change. Instead, it would improve efficiency and make processes more streamlined.

Strategy for a Long-Term Health Information Exchange

Long-Term Health Information Exchange Plan

With an integrated financial model that is based on the operational goals of your business, SISGAIN offers electronic health information exchange in UAE. Along with providing value to our customers, we also take into account their financial circumstances and the ongoing responsibility that comes with exhibiting a reliable and sustainable business strategy. Your profit margins will significantly rise as a result.

Suitability of HIE Systems

For its many users, we provide flexible and reliable solutions for the sharing of health information. It allows them to quickly and easily access the important data that is safely and electronically stored.


A patient doesn't have to stress about keeping accurate and complete paper records. Using our HIE services, they can have much direct and simple access to important health-related data. By promptly sending documents to doctors, it helps them save time.



The safe and reliable HIE network enables the staff working in test laboratories to quickly access relevant patient data. They can easily upload and electronically distribute critical test findings to patients and healthcare professionals.



Doctors can rapidly see and examine a patient's medical records due to the health information exchange programme. They have access to this information whenever and from any location they want. It has a really effective and useful approach.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Medical records can be safely viewed and examined by healthcare professionals who are connected to and related with the patients. HIE systems reduce the work required to organise and manage physical and paper records.

Benefits of Our HIE Services

Check out the following details about how we differ from other software development companies. We want to provide all of our customers with the highest quality services and products.



Our skilled developers have included and blended the greatest features and technologies into the program's design. By doing this, we are able to contribute to and enhance the growth and success of the healthcare industry.

On-time delivery

Timely delivery

We adhere to the guidelines and take great care to meet deadlines. We put forth a lot of effort and try to meet our clients' deadlines with high-quality solutions.

Tailored Services

Customised Services

Our talented programmers have a lot of experience and education. It enables them to offer customers a variety of services and solutions. We offer individualised software development to satisfy your organisation's needs and goals.



We take pride in providing our customers with top-notch, affordable software of the highest calibre. Our solutions for cost-effective health information exchange make use of a number of cutting-edge developments and components.

The Best Health Information Exchange Software in the UAE is from SISGAIN

Our team at SISGAIN is made of qualified people with years of work expertise in IT development.

● For hospitals and a range of healthcare organisations, we are creating cutting-edge and well-liked HIE solutions.

● To create the greatest clinic management software, we combined and put to use the most innovative products and technologies.

● We are able to create original software for our customers.

Allow our top-notch and reasonably priced HIE application and HIE software solutions in the UAE to help you build and grow your business.

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