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SISGAIN helps you in reinventing the way you invest, buy and pay. We provide you extensive domain knowledge by our first class engineers who work by keeping future advances in mind. We are one of the top financial software developers in the UAE.

We Specialise In Transforming Conventional Financial Boundaries

At SISGAIN, we are fully devoted to incorporating industry compliances into the development of our Finance software and providing you with the best possible outcomes. We provide a number of solution options for your company that have made us well-known. Consequently, turning into one of the leading firms for developing financial applications. We are completely aware of your requirements and how the finance sector operates. We are the best financial app development company in the UAE.


KYC Platforms

We can assist you in creating your own KYC platforms. These are built into the programme. You will be able to manage all of the policy requirements and regulatory compliance guarantee effectively. As a result, the whole client lifespan is secured.


Prevention Mechanisms

We assist you in securing the domain and IP accesses by using a first-hand security development technique. This guarantees the security of all transactions and the monitoring of user profiles.


Management applications

We are a firm that develops financial software, so we are aware of what wealth means to different people. As a result, we provide you a comprehensive management solution and empower our clients tracking, management, and wealth-building capabilities.


Digital Wallet

Our digital wallet applications enable customers all around the world to send money to banks and other people with ease. Cards, QR codes, as well as cell phone numbers, are used for this.

Solutions for Secured, White Label, and Finance Mobile App Development in UAE

When you collaborate with us, we'll help you through all the challenges the project and the industry bring. Our team digitises your concepts. Both custom and white label solutions are offered by us. The most important part is that you can see an open environment. We support prompt and convenient customer service for you, providing you with very active and potent white label solutions by combining marketing research with microservice architectures. Our main priorities are compliance and secure development. As a result, we operate in accordance with industry standards.


Stock Trading Solutions

We are one of the top businesses offering services for developing financial software and we create management-enhancing solutions for you. Moreover, they have been specially created to satisfy the interests and expectations of investors.


Insurance-based Solutions

We earn our clients' trust by satisfying their requests and assisting in the development of apps that serve several purposes. Consequently, we can deliver the best possible user experience by utilising our cross-platform apps and mobility solutions.


Banking Solutions

We focus on end-to-end solutions for both corporate sides and retails globally. Our environment and architecture are unhackable. You consequently receive microservices for performances with user-driven methods.


Investment Solutions

Our financial software engineers have extensive experience in the stock market. We also assist in developing systems that collect data. As a result, end-user investments are made simple, and holding portfolio values and summaries is made simpler.

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We Help in Making your Product Needs Stand Out

We have a methodology for developing financial planning software. We start by drawing a plan because our domains have to go great distances to become a valuable and creative resource for our clients.

From a development perspective, the financial industry will use a variety of tools and technology, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. The finest end-user experience is offered by us. We will provide you with the greatest application, even before the delivery date, no matter what you throw at us. Our approach to developing financial applications incorporates a variety of techniques, including the use of mobile app development methodologies, the addition of wireframes, UX designing, and milestone planning. We provide mobile app development financial services in Dubai.

Integrations That Will Increase the Speed and Accessibility of Financial Transfers

We give strength to our future-like innovative features. Therefore, helping you take the app wherever your money goes.

Insurance Software Development

To ensure that you successfully automate insurance processes and boost production levels, we provide specialised insurance software development solutions.


Mobile Insurance Apps

We create hybrid apps as well as cross-platform apps for finance mobile app development in the UAE. These basically allow policyholders to halt insurance coverage, pause, resume, report, manage, and submit claims.


Insurance Quoting Software

With the finest personal finance software, you can create risk assessment modules, multi-carrier quoting, and underwriting algorithms all under an unique quotation system.


Document Management Systems

A cloud-based document management system that lets you capture modules, custom logic, customer experiences, and life cycles can be created by us for you


Underwriting Platforms

Engineer platforms can be digitised via underwriting procedures resulting in speedier turnaround times and delivery. The most significant benefits are improved customer cycles and improved experiences.


Domain Expertise

With the aid of our financial management software solutions, we assist you in promoting the growth of the leading greatest transformation. Most significantly, more startup businesses are concentrating on integrating cutting-edge software solutions to improve client experiences. We can help in releasing potential financial solutions with the use of our software systems.


Software Development

At SISGAIN, we offer full-cycle services for developing desktop, online, and mobile applications. By building financial budgeting software from the scratch, we enhance the currently used solutions and make them more user-friendly.


Software Security

We make sure that all financial software activities are safe and secure utilising the most recent techniques and technology for cyber security. We employ artificial intelligence algorithms to guard against security flaws.


Financial Solutions

We aim to use our financial software to develop distinctive consumer experiences. We make use of cutting-edge financial instruments and technology. Consequently, we handle each of our consumers individually while utilising AI, IoT, etc.


Consulting Services

We provide you with the greatest money management software solutions with data-driven consulting strategies and services thanks to our unmatched industry expertise and dependable trading solutions.

Innovative Software Solutions

Expanding potential and our solutions for developing custom accounting software.


Trading Solutions

You have access to advanced analysis with our feature-rich trading platforms. This contains wealth and news, fresh stock analysis tools, and a simple method to conduct trades and offer advice.


Portfolio Management

At SISGAIN, we develop tools that facilitate the creation, administration, synchronisation, and analysis of various investment portfolios and asset classes. The warning, notification, calculation, optimization, and tracking functions are the most essential.


Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solutions are strong. Our customers benefit from simple account management tools, quick access to their balance and transaction history, dashboards, security warnings, payment options, and payment reminders.


Payment Services

With the support of our customised accounting software, we assist you in creating various electronic and card payment options. This enables you to create payment gateway solutions, mobile and e-wallet applications, and real-life transaction features.

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