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We can help you reinvent the way you buy, pay, and also invest. Surely by bringing to your table our extensive domain knowledge.  And first-class engineers, we can create future-like financial solutions for you. Most importantly, find the best financial software development services at SISGAIN in UAE.

Portfolio Management


Insurance Software

Regulation compliances


Financial Planning

We Are Experts In Breaking Traditional Finance Boundaries

At SISGAIN, we are entirely committed to introducing the industry compliances.  This is into our Finance software development. And also deliver you the highest-end results. We also have a set of solution offerings for your business. These offerings have earned us a reputation. Therefore, becoming one of the top financial application development companies. We entirely understand your needs. And also works of the finance industry.


KYC Platforms

We can help you develop your very own KYC platforms. Also, these come integrated into the software. It will allow you to efficiently manage all the policy requirements. And also regulatory compliance surety. Therefore, the entire client lifecycle is protected.


Prevention Mechanisms

We have a first-in-hand security development approach. We help you safeguard the domain. And also IP accesses. This ensures that all the transactions are safe. And user profiles are monitored.


Management Software

We are a financial software development company. Who understand what wealth means to everyone. Hence, we give you a sophisticated managing solution. Also, giving our customers tracking features, management, and wealth growth.


Digital Wallets

With the help of our Digital Wallet Applications, users worldwide can easily transfer money. To banks and other individuals. This is done via cards, QR codes, and also mobile numbers.

Secured, White Label & Custom Financial Software Development Solutions

If you work with us, we will guide you through all the twists. And turns of the industry and also the project. We digitally transform your ideas. We also give you both - custom and white label solutions. Most importantly you can visualize an open ecosystem. We help serve your customers in a convenient and also timely manner. We utilize marketing research. And microservice architectures to give you highly active and also powerful white label solutions. We focus on secure development, compliances. Therefore, we work according to industry regulations.


Stock Trading Solutions

We are one of the leading companies for financial software development services. And we build you solutions that enhance management efforts. And are also specifically designed to meet the investor requirements and needs.


Insurance-based Solutions

Our customers trust us because we fulfill their wishes first. We also help create multipurpose applications. Therefore providing the most elevated user experience. By using our multiplatform apps. And also mobility solutions.


Banking Solutions

The end-to-end solutions we work on are for both corporate backs. And also retails worldwide. We have a hack-proof environment and architecture. Therefore, you get microservices for performances. And user-driven methodologies.


Investment Solutions

Our financial software developers have deep knowledge of the investment industry. We also help create solutions that gather insights. Therefore end-user investments become easy. Making it easier to hold portfolio values, and also summaries.

We can help

Your Products Need To Stand Out

We have a financial planning software development approach. Also, we first create a blueprint. Our domains have had to cross a lot of distances. Therefore,  becoming valued and also innovative for our clients.

The future we have envisioned for the financial sector. From our development point of view involved using different technologies and tools. For example, Blockchain, AI, etc. This also provides the best end-user experience. Whatever you throw at us, we will give you the best application. Even before the delivery date. Our financial application development approach involves different things. Like using mobile app development strategies, adding wireframes, UX designing, and also milestone planning.

Integrations That Will Make Money Move More Securely Faster And Accessible

We give strength to our future-like innovative features. Therefore, helping you take the app wherever your money goes.

Insurance Software Development

We have custom insurance software development solutions. Surely to make sure you make successful insurance automation.  And  also increase production numbers.


Mobile Insurance Apps

Develop cross-platform apps and also hybrid apps. These enable policyholders. Mainly to stop coverage, pause, start, report, manage and also claim insurance policies.


Insurance Quoting Software

With the use of the best personal finance software. Therefore you can implement multi-carrier quoting, underwriting algorithms. And also make risk assessment modules. Surely all under a sophisticated quoting engine.


Document Management Systems

We can also build you a cloud-based document management system. Therefore it helps to capture modules, custom logic, customer experiences, and also life cycles.


Underwriting Platforms

We can digitalize engineer platforms using underwriting processes. Hence, making faster deliveries and also faster turnaround times. Most importantly you get better customer cycles and enhanced experiences.


Domain Expertise

We can help you encourage the development of the next biggest transformation. by using our financial management software solutions. Most importantly, more new companies are focusing on bringing in innovative software solutions.  To boost customer experiences. With our software systems, we can also help unleash potential financial solutions.


Software Development

At SISGAIN, we provide you a complete cycle of desktop, web, and also mobile app development services.Hence, by creating financial budgeting software from scratch. We improve the already deployed solutions and also increase usability.


Software Security

We ensure the protection and also security of all financial software operations. With the help of the latest cybersecurity tools and also technologies. We also use artificial intelligence tools. Hence, we prevent any security vulnerabilities.


Financial Solutions

We want to create unique customer experiences. Using our financial software. Hence, we incorporate the use of advanced financial tools and also technologies. Therefore, treating all our clients uniquely, by using Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc


Consulting Services

With our unparalleled expert knowledge of businesses and also reliable trading solutions. Hence, we give you the best money management software solutions. All with data-driven consulting strategies and also services.

Emerging Software Solutions

Rising opportunities and our custom accounting software development solutions.


Trading Solutions

With our feature-rich trading platforms, you get access to powerful charting. This includes wealth and also news, new tools for handling stock analysis. And an easy way for making transactions and recommendations.


Portfolio Management

At SISGAIN, we create solutions that help create, manage, synchronize. And analyze different investment portfolios and asset classes. Most importantly we have alert, notification, calculation, optimization, and also tracking features.


Mobile Solutions

We have powerful mobile solutions. Hence, our clients get easy account management features. Also easy access to transaction history and balance, dashboards, security alerts, payment, and also reminders.


Payment Services

We can also help you build different electronic and card payment solutions. With our personal accounting software. This allows you to make mobile and e-wallet applications. And also payment gateway solutions with real-life transaction features.

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