What is e-prescribing software

Would it not be just great if you could get medical prescriptions from a doctor in a snap without actually visiting the clinic and getting the paper slip? Well, we have the right solution to your demand! Electronic prescribing or e-prescribing is the easy and convenient means to getting prescriptions for a physician or medical practitioner online! An electronic prescription software is a technological framework that assists healthcare providers or doctors in preparing and transferring prescription information to drug stores or pharmacies through an online and digital medium. Does that not sound great? With the help of such software solutions, there is no more a need for handwritten or paper prescription slips!

At SISGAIN, our hard-working and expert team of software developers build and deliver quality ERX software development in UAE. With the help of emerging technologies and resources, we aim at bridging the gap between healthcare providers and pharmacies by establishing a direct channel for sharing and receiving prescriptions electronically. To meet the specific and changing requirements and demands, we also create electronic prescription systems that are tailor-made and highly efficient. Our services are stretched and offered to people with varying medical backgrounds and professions. Allow our integrated and secured application services to improve and boost the quality of progress in your organization!

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Electronic Prescription Software Development

Our ERX software development enables the users to work and operate on a safe platform. The healthcare providers, doctors, and pharmaceutical centers can conveniently transfer and exchange medicinal prescriptions, tests, and other reports among each other securely.

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Drug Management System

Our digital prescription software has an embedded drug management system that monitors and keeps track of the medicine and drug inventories. With the help of suitable tools, the software automatically places an order for hospitals and other healthcare clinics associated with it to stock and update the inventory.

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Third-Part ERX Implementation

Our developers have implemented and integrated third-party ERX software for an improved and streamlined workflow. Our electronic prescribing software has also supported drug-related info and databases, which comprises Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP). It also incorporates data migration services for third-party ERX software inaugurators, comprising Surescripts, MDToolbox, DrFirst, and NueMD.

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E-Prescription Decision Support

In order to assess and examine medicine, food, allergies, medication interactions, we have integrated and incorporated CDS and hospitalization with our top-notch ERX software development in UAE.

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Integration of EHR and ERX Software

Our developers have integrated the electronic health records system with the electronic prescription software to assess and evaluate the patient's medical reports with the prescribed drugs and medicines.

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Electronic Prescription Mobile Application

At SISGAIN, we have fabricated and designed a cross-platform ERX app development for mobiles. With the help of this application, doctors and physicians can seamlessly manage the electronic prescription refill requests with the pharmacists and coordinated drug technicians.

The Advent of E-Prescription Software

The arrival of electronic prescription software has changed the format and outlook of maintaining a record of drug and medical prescriptions. We develop the best software solutions to boost such efficiency.


Growing Benefits of Digital Prescription Software

Healthcare providers, doctors, and other users are gaining sumptuous benefits from the arrival and usage of e-prescription solutions and software. We create electronic prescriptions for dental offices and other medical units to give them room for advantage to enhance the quality of healthcare.


Rapid System Alerts

With the help of our dynamic electronic prescription systems, medical practitioners can get quicker and direct access to their patient's medical history data. They can go through the patient's earlier prescriptions and drug doses as recommended by other physicians. Also, the prescribers receive quick and instant alerts concerning medical issues faced by the patient due to a specific drug or prescription.


Minimizes Errors in Prescriptions

On close observation, we found that handwritten drug prescriptions have caused issues due to errors. A slight spelling mistake or misreading has caused medicinal problems to the patient taking it. That is why we have created a top-notch ERX software that provides precision in a digital and precise form.


Tracking the Prescriptions

Our electronic prescription systems allow the providers to maintain and keep track of the number of doses and prescriptions that a patient takes. It helps them in determining if there is any case or under or overprescribing.


Minimize the Loss of Prescriptions

When physicians or hospitals give patients prescriptions on paper, there are higher chances of people losing it or destroying it. But with the advent of digital prescription software, patients and healthcare providers have electronic access and evidence of it. Doctors can directly transfer them to drug stores or pharmacies for reference. Also, these digital prescriptions aid and support in saving trees and papers!


Easier Access to ERX

The system allows the physician and providers in getting better and quicker access to patient’s medication records. That is to say, it helps in saving time in keeping an improved track of such data and details.


Devote Shorter Time To Refill Orders For Prescription Medications

Medical clinic workers tend to spend a lot of time responding to medication renewal inquiries. Healthcare practitioners can swiftly examine, approve, and issue medication refills with the help of our ERX app development, reallocating members of staff to attend to others for more patient-centered responsibilities. The electronic prescription app also enables satisfying requests of those patients who are left with no more drugs and medicine while on a traveling journey.


Aids in Saving Time for Order Confirmation

When a pharmacy or a drugstore has a record of well-maintained and correctly noted orders, the personnel does not have to spend their time and energy calling each provider and prescriber for confirmation. We have fabricated extensive prescribing software that incorporates drop-down options. These options offer convenience and ease to the practitioners and physicians to enter out all required info for a medication.


Enhance Medication Compliance

Most people and patients do not follow the proper medication plan as prescribed by the doctors or specialists. A majority of them always take less dose of medicine, do not fulfill the entire plan, or don't fully comprehend the structure of the prescriptions. These stated instances lead to non-compliance. But, with the growth, expansion, and usage of electronic prescription systems, healthcare units saw an improvement in the outcome of prescription intake.


ERX App Development Features in Patient Panel

While developing the patient portal for our extensive and top-notch electronic prescription software, we have infused feature-rich attributes to enhance the operations and enable streamlined workflow.

Details Interface

Our skilled developers have created a user-friendly interface for the dashboard where the patient can find all the relevant information and data concerning the medical practitioners, prescriptions assigned, personal information, insurance, and more! It incorporates the latest and up-to-date information.


Place Easy Prescription Orders

An e-prescribe software facilitates patients to receive their remedial products from chemists stores without actually going there! A doctor or a patient can obtain such prescriptions at their doorstep or disposal by simply putting an order for the same online. It is a time-saving and convenient way of getting their hands on medicines and other products that are just a few clicks away!


Get Connected with Healthcare Professionals

With seamless integration of the latest technologies and tools, we have crafted an efficient electronic prescription app. With its assistance, a patient can quickly and effectively connect with a physician with the help of the instant chat feature. Also, they can inform the doctors straightaway concerning their medical or other health-related information.


Receive Updates to Test Reports in Real-Time

We have implemented quality-rich attributes and functions in our software development. It allows the patients to get appropriate meds instantly! The patients have to upload their test reports on the prescription app portal to receive quick meds from the medicinal professionals.

Growing Emergence and Utility of E-Prescribing Software

The arrival of the e-prescribe software has brought a noticeable improvement in the health and fitness standards of the people. We have engineered HL7 and HIPAA-compliant platforms to carry out these operations seamlessly!

Physicians Panel

This portal contains all the necessary features and functions that are vital for a doctor to use electronic prescription software. We have architected a framework that incorporates the best interface and attributes.


Continuous and Daily Updates

On this panel, a doctor or medical practitioner receives timely and daily alerts and updates concerning appointments, prescriptions, consultations, and anything health-related. It allows them to work efficiently.


Access to Patient's Medical History

A doctor or physician has direct and straight access to the previous medical records of the patients. They can view their medications, allergies, or other diagnoses before providing them with a new prescription. In that way, a medical professional is able to evaluate and recommend suitable medicines and solutions to their patients.


Provide Prescriptions

As the previous data and prescription history of a patient is available to healthcare providers on electronic prescription systems, they are able to offer and deliver suitable prescriptions and doses to their patients. In addition to that, they can make changes/modifications to the patent's previous medicinal intakes.


Robotic Error Detection Approach

When a physician creates and produces a prescription for their patient, it is first examined and evaluated by the electronic prescribing software and then delivered to the respective recipient. That way, the system ensures that there is no mistake in the dosage intake of drugs suggested and prevents unnecessary harm from taking place.

Pharmacist Panel

It is the duty and responsibility of the pharmacist to provide and deliver the right and accurate medicines and prescriptions to the patients, as suggested by the doctor. SISGAIN offers the best e-prescribing software for the same.


We have built an integrated and robust portal for pharmacists that enables them to handle and carry out the operations seamlessly and hassle-free!


Records Management

We have embedded the function for managing the records and data, which helps the pharmacies and their staff to work effectively and productively. In addition to that, such maintenance of records helps in minimizing loss of or error in data.


Check the Orders

The comprehensive e-prescribing software keeps a record of all the orders received from different healthcare providers. And, his software allows the pharmacies to inspect those orders, accept or decline the request as per their decisions.



With the help of emerging technologies and resources, we have created a feature in the application software to deal with payments and revenues taking place with the drugstore. It accelerates the productivity revenue cycle and assists in seeing an accurate track of the money.

Admin Panel

Our top developers have created an efficient and exceptional interface for the admin dashboard in our ERX app development.


System Management

With the help of this panel, the admin has direct access to look after the management system, which incorporates the patient, physician, and pharmacists panel.


Reviews Administration

Our electronic prescribing software allows the admin to inspect the reviews that are inserted into the system and hold the authority to confirm or reject them as per necessity.


Payment Records

In order to make sure that there is no embezzlement or scamming with the revenue, the admin has straightforward access to the payment records all the time.


Data Management

The digital prescription software permits the admin to have control over what data or details are exhibited in the software. They can also cause significant adjustments as necessary.


SISGAIN's ERX Software Development in UAE

At SISGAIN, we have a team of competent developers who have years of experience in IT development and solutions. We create and deliver robust and extensive electronic prescribing software for various healthcare and medical units. We have incorporated and utilized the best technologies and equipment to produce quality electronic prescription systems. We have the appropriate resources to develop customized software for our clients. Let us assist you in expanding the growth and development of the organization with our feature-rich and budget-friendly ERX software development in the UAE.

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