What does electronic prescribing mean?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could quickly obtain a doctor's prescription for medication without having to physically visit the clinic and obtain the paper slip? Well, we can satisfy your request in the best way possible.

● Getting prescriptions from a doctor or other medical professional online is simple and convenient using electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing.

● A technology framework called an electronic prescription software helps medical professionals prepare prescriptions and send that information to pharmacies online.

● The necessity for handwritten or paper prescription slips is eliminated with the use of such software solutions.

● SISGAIN is a top provider of electronic prescription software in the UAE.

Our dedicated team of software engineers creates and delivers high-quality ERX software applications in the UAE.

● By creating a direct channel for exchanging and receiving prescriptions electronically, we want to close the gap between healthcare practitioners and pharmacies with the use of cutting-edge technology and resources.

● We also design extremely effective electronic prescription systems that are specialised to match the unique and shifting demands.

● We provide our services to a wide range of medical professionals and individuals.

Allow your organisation's success to be enhanced and boosted by our integrated and secure application services.

Electronic Prescription Software Development

Development of Electronic Prescription Software(S)

Users are able to work and function on a safe platform due to our ERX software development. Healthcare providers, physicians, and pharmacies can easily and securely communicate and share medical prescriptions, test results, and other records.

Drug Management System

Drug Administration Program

A built-in drug management system in our digital prescription software maintains track and monitors the stock of medications and other drugs. The programme automatically sets an order for hospitals and other affiliated healthcare clinics to stock and update the inventory using the appropriate tools.

Third-Part ERX Implementation

Application of ERX by Third Parties

For a more effective and efficient process, our developers have integrated and installed ERX software from a third party. Prescription Monitoring Programs are among the drug-related data and databases that our electronic prescribing software has enabled (PDMP). Additionally, it includes data conversion services for independent ERX software developers including Surescripts, MDToolbox, DrFirst, and NueMD.

E-Prescription Decision Support

Support for electronic prescriptions

We have linked and merged CDS and hospitalisation with our outstanding ERX software development in the UAE in order to analyse and study medication, diet, allergies, and pharmaceutical interactions.

Integration of EHR and ERX Software

EHR and ERX software integration

To review and evaluate the patient's medical reports with the prescribed medications and medicines, our engineers have connected the electronic health records system with the electronic prescription software.

Electronic Prescription Mobile Application

Mobile Application for Electronic Prescription

We at SISGAIN have created and built an ERX cross-platform app for mobile devices. Doctors and other medical professionals can easily manage electronic prescription refill requests with pharmacists and coordinated drug technicians with the use of this programme.

The Development of E-Prescription Software

The structure and viewpoint of keeping a record of pharmaceutical and medical prescriptions have evolved with the introduction of electronic prescription software. To increase this effectiveness, we provide medical prescription services in the UAE.

Digital prescription software's Increasing Benefits

The introduction and utilisation of e-prescription software and solutions are providing enormous benefits to medical professionals, healthcare providers, and other users. To provide dental offices and other medical facilities a chance to improve the standard of healthcare, we develop electronic prescriptions for them.

Rapid System Alerts

Quick System Alerts

Medical professionals can access their patients' medical history information more quickly and directly with the help of our flexible electronic prescription systems. They can review the patient's prior prescriptions and dosage instructions provided by other doctors. Additionally, the prescribers get quick and immediate notifications when a patient has medical problems brought on by a certain medicine or prescription.

Minimizes Errors in Prescriptions

Reduces Prescription Errors

We discovered that mistakes in handwritten medicine prescriptions led to problems. The patient using the medication has experienced issues because of a minor spelling error or misinterpretation. For this reason, we have developed a top-notch ERX programme that offers accuracy in a precise digital format.

Tracking the Prescriptions

Monitoring Prescriptions

Our electronic prescription solutions give the medical professionals the ability to manage and keep track of the dosages and medicines that a patient consumes. They can use it to assess whether any cases of under- or overprescribing exist.

Minimize the Loss of Prescriptions

Minimise Prescription Loss

Prescriptions given to patients by doctors or hospitals on paper are more likely to be misplaced or destroyed. However, with the introduction of digital prescription software, consumers and healthcare professionals now have access and proof of it electronically. Doctors can transfer patients directly to pharmacies or drug stores for consultation. These digital prescriptions also help and promote the preservation of forests and paper. Also, these digital prescriptions aid and support in saving trees and papers!

Easier Access to ERX

Improved Access to ERX

The technology enables doctors and other providers to access patients' medication records more effectively and quickly. It facilitates time savings while maintaining a better record of such information.

Devote Shorter Time To Refill Orders For Prescription Medications

Spend less time filling prescription medicine orders

Employees at medical clinics sometimes spend a lot of time responding to questions about prescription renewal. With the aid of our ERX app development, healthcare professionals can quickly review, authorise, and issue medicine refills, freeing up staff members for tasks that are more patient-focused. The electronic prescription software also makes it possible to fulfil requests from patients who run out of medications while travelling.

Aids in Saving Time for Order Confirmation

Helps in cutting down on order confirmation time

When a pharmacy or drugstore has a database of orders that is accurate and up to date, the staff does not have to waste time and energy phoning every doctor and provider to confirm prescriptions. We have created sophisticated prescription software with drop-down menus. The practitioners and physicians may enter all the necessary information for a drug with simplicity and convenience thanks to these alternatives.

Enhance Medication Compliance

Improve Medicine Compliance

Most patients and persons do not take their medications as directed by their doctors or specialists. Most of them consistently take less medication, don't follow the plan exactly, or don't completely understand how the prescriptions are written. The following occurrences result in non-compliance. However, healthcare facilities saw an improvement in the results of prescription intake as a result of the growth, expansion, and use of electronic prescription systems.


Patient Panel Features for ERX App Development

We use feature-rich qualities to improve operations and enable quicker workflow when creating the patient portal for our comprehensive and excellent electronic prescription software.
ERX App Development

Information Interface

For the dashboard, our talented developers have built a user-friendly interface where the patient can access all the pertinent data and information on the medical practitioners, assigned medicines, personal information, insurance, and more! It includes the most recent and accurate information.

Details Interface

Order prescription medicines conveniently

With the help of an e-prescribe programme, patients can receive their medication from pharmacies without physically travelling there. By placing an online order, a doctor or patient may get these medicines delivered right at their door. It is a quick and practical approach for them to obtain things like medications that are just a few clicks away.

Get Connected with Healthcare Professionals

Establish Contact with Medical Professionals

We have created a productive electronic prescription software by seamlessly integrating the most recent tools and technology. A patient can use its assistance to rapidly and efficiently contact a doctor using the instant chat option. They can immediately disclose any medical or other relevant information to the physicians.

Receive Updates

Get Real-Time Updates on Test Reports

In the creation of our software, we have integrated performance-rich qualities and functions. It enables patients to receive the right medications promptly. The prescription app site requires the patients to input their test results in order to acquire timely medication from the medical specialists.

Increased Use and Emergence of E-Prescribing Software

The public's standards of health and fitness have significantly improved with the introduction of e-prescribe software. To execute these processes smoothly, we have developed systems that are HL7 and HIPAA compliant.

Doctors' Panel

All the tools and capabilities required for a doctor to use electronic prescription software are included on this platform. We have designed a framework that has the greatest features and UX.

Continuous and Daily Updates

Regular and Daily Updates

A doctor or other medical professional can access this panel to get timely alerts and updates about appointments, medications, consultations, and other health-related matters. It enables them to operate productively.

Access to Patient's Medical History

Access to Patient's Medical History

A doctor or physician gets immediate access to the patients' prior medical records. Before writing a new prescription for them, they can view their medical history, allergies, and prescriptions. In this manner, a medical expert is able to assess and recommend to their patients the best treatments and medications.

Provide Prescriptions

Give prescriptions

Doctors are able to give and administer appropriate prescriptions and dosages to their patients since they have access to a patient's prior information and prescription history via electronic prescription systems. They also have the option to alter the patent's prior medication usage.

Robotic Error Detection Approach

Robotic Approach for Error Detection

When a doctor writes and produces a prescription for a patient, the electronic prescribing software first scans and examines it before sending it to the appropriate receiver. In this way, the system makes sure that the dosage of medications recommended is correct and guards against unwanted harm.

Panel of Pharmacists

The pharmacist has a duty and obligation to give patients the appropriate and accurate medications and prescriptions, as advised by the doctor. The finest e-prescription app in the UAE is provided by SISGAIN.


To help pharmacists manage and complete the procedures smoothly and without trouble, we have designed an integrated and co mprehensive platform.

Records Management

Management of Records

We've included a component that helps pharmacies and their staff operate efficiently and successfully by managing records and data. Maintaining records in this manner minimises data loss and inaccuracy.

Check the Orders

Verification of Orders

All the orders received from various healthcare professionals are recorded by the complete e- prescribing software. This programme enables pharmacists to review requests and approve or reject the request in accordance with their preferences.



We have developed a function in the application software to deal with payments and revenues occurring with the pharmacy with the help of different technologies and resources. It helps to keep an accurate track of the money and speeds up the productive revenue cycle.

Admin Panel

In our ERX app development, our top developers have produced an effective and excellent admin dashboard interface.

System Management

System Administration

This panel gives the admin immediate access to the management system, which includes the patient, doctor, and pharmacist panels.

Reviews Administration

Evaluation of Administration

The admin can check the reviews that are entered into the system using our electronic prescribing software, and they have the power to approve or disapprove them as needed.

Payment Records

Payment History

The admin always has easy access to the payment records, which helps to ensure that there isn't any theft or fraud involving the money.

Data Management

Management of Data

The admin is given control over what information or details are shown in the programme by the digital prescription software. They can also necessitate significant changes.

SISGAIN's ERX Software

Development of ERX Software by SISGAIN in the UAE

Our team of capable developers at SISGAIN has years of expertise in IT development and solutions. We develop and provide extensive and reliable electronic prescription software for a range of healthcare and medical organisations. To create high-quality electronic prescription systems, we have combined and used the greatest tools and technology. With the right tools, we can create software specifically for our customers. Use our feature-rich and cost-effective Third-party eRx implementation solutions in the UAE to help you accelerate the growth and development of the company.

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