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With the help of continuously developing technologies, we now have quick and closer access to a variety of healthcare facilities at our disposal. Long gone are the days when we used to maintain a file or record of our medical documents in paper form. Nowadays, one receives the results and other health-related reports digitally. The main credit to such a change and evolvement goes to the introduction of EMR EHR integration. Now, patients, medical practitioners, healthcare providers can get access to such records online. They are uploaded, stored, transferred, and accessed on a very protected and secure platform. Health-related document privacy is quite essential.

SISGAIN is one of the thriving EHR integration companies on a global level. With years of industrial exposure, we have earned a good title for ourselves. With the assistance and support of our EMR software developers, we are able to develop the most suitable solutions. If your organization is looking for specific featured services, we cater to deliver you with our tailor-made EHR software development in UAE. Our HIPAA-compliant solutions adhere to the standards and guidelines of Health Level-7 (HL7). We endeavor to meet your demand with our robust and quality-built software.

Our Featured Services


Tailor-Made Solutions

Our skilled and experienced developers built customized electronic health records software for the clients, which incorporates all the necessary adjustments and features they require. It is our aim to provide a convenient platform for both doctors and patients to get in touch with each other for medical consultation virtually.The access integrated communication features assist in booking and scheduling appointments. It also boosts and enhances the workflow for the users.


Embedded Telemedicine

We have integrated our telemedicine system developments with the top EHR systems. That integration assists in maintaining and storing an appropriate medical record with remote patient monitoring solutions. Additionally, we have implemented the latest technologies which aid in capturing the data to store in the EMR and EHR software.


Privacy and Compliance

It is our priority to ensure the safety and complete privacy protection of the patients or healthcare records from unwanted and irrelevant people. For complete protection and security of the data, we have embedded HIPAA compliance in our software. In addition to that, we also follow the HL7 guidelines. These preventive and security steps by us create a sense of safety, scalability, and reliability.


Healthcare Analytics

Our developers have used the latest and up-to-date technologies and tools while creating the EMR EHR integration. Top technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science assist in running and processing the data to come up with reliable outcomes and analyses. These predictions guide in dealing with an illness or medical issue in a much better and improved way. It also helps in storing them for reference and later use safely.


Patient Portals

At SISGAIN, we offer a patient portal platform to individuals. It helps them in having active participation when it comes to the services for their healthcare. They have better, faster, and safer reachability to their medical or health records. It assists them in staying in touch with their doctors, discussing health plans, or getting medical prescriptions online much more effectively.


EMR EHR Integration Services

With the help of our EHR and EMR integration software, we can incorporate any third-party apps for different purposes such as RCM and billing services, insurance claims, reporting, and more. This seamless integration assists in enhancing workflow fluency in the management.

Our Attributes For The Healthcare Industry

Understanding the present-day circumstances and needs, we deliver the right solutions to the healthcare and medical sectors for efficient and streamlined workflow in management.



In order to improve the quality of services to the patients, physicians, and healthcare providers, we have introduced these integral features for the healthcare industry.



Since we are dealing with health-related technologies, it is essential to incorporate telemedicine into the system. It assists the users, that is, a patient and a doctor, connect with each other through virtual means. Telemedicine development in the EHR software development leads to seamless integration and processes.



Our developers offer the feature of e-prescribing, which grants convenience in getting access to medical prescriptions in a much direct manner. These electronic prescriptions can be straightaway sent to the pharmacies nearby via the doctors for faster delivery or reach to the medicines or other essentials.


Patient Portal

It assists the patient in creating a suitable profile for themselves. Easy booking of appointments, doctor-patient consultation, reports, etc, is enabled through this portal. It is a protected platform.


Revenue Cycle Management

We have implemented RCM in our systems to keep track of the revenue generated from the patients through all the appointments and medical consultations.


Automated Clinical Workflows

At SISGAIN, we have incorporated the best technologies to create a reliable and functional system for clinical workflow. It assists in boosting the working and operation in the healthcare system.


Customizable Templates

We have implemented custom-tailored templates feature in our electronic medical record systems to boost the efficiency of work. They help the users in filling out the details faster and help in improving the charting method.


24/7 Availability

We have built our digital medical records software on a web-based platform that enables it to grant the legitimate user constant and all-day and all-night access to the online records. It enables an authorized user to utilize and view such documents and reports at any convenient time from any location. With our cloud-based systems, we have ensured top-class security to the privacy and data of patients.


Lab Integration

Our developers have integrated the EMH EHR PHR software with the labs to streamline the work and increase performance. Patients have more direct and faster access to their lab reports and results, which are automatically uploaded to the patient's chart.


Accelerate The Performance

We bring to your disposal top EHR systems that aid in boosting efficiency and enhancing the health systems' workflows seamlessly.

Say Bye To Paper Documents

With the help of our robust EMR and EHR integration, we plan on going paperless. We develop exceptional systems that store all the patient's records and documents digitally in a secure and reliable way. The authorized people get fast and all-time access to such records at any time and any place.


Secure Platform

We produce software and systems that follow the HL7 standards and are HIPAA-compliant. We strive to ensure and provide a platform that follows all the safety and security measures and helps protect the data and privacy of the users.


Lessens The Prospect Of Medical Errors

Our developers create and deliver bug-free software that helps in preventing errors from taking place, hence, improving the operations and work.


Immaculate Patient Experience

We have embedded the best and top-notch EMR software development that would leave your patients content and satisfied on a positive note. We strive to render a remarkable and hassle-free experience to the patients.

Top Electronic Medical Records Software

We strive to enhance the quality of healthcare practices and workflows by building this innovative and interoperable software for EMR EHR PHR.

Key Software Features For Medical Platform

If you are seeking some exceptional and best medical records software to meet the needs and demands of the present-day healthcare system, then we bring those to your disposal.


Health Information Exchange

With our interoperable and exceptional HIE systems, we assist healthcare providers, medical practitioners, and patients in getting secure and faster access to the medical records and documents of the patient.


Assistive Technology

We strive to accelerate and improve the reachability of resources to people with special needs and help with our tailor-made, flexible, and user-friendly assistive technologies.


Health Level-7

We create a robust HL7 integrated software that assists in gaining improved productivity at a cost-friendly price. By integrating and implementing HL7 in our EHR software, we enable interoperability in the healthcare system.


HIS And Practice Management

With the help of modern tools and assets, our HIS software and system aids in leveraging the operations and productivity of your organization at a quicker pace.

Tailor-Made EMR EHR Integration

We have incorporated the most recognized and much-needed attributes and qualities in our EHR software development in UAE for more favorable outcomes!

Cost Efficiency

We strive to produce and provide highly functional and versatile solutions for EHR and EMR at an affordable range. We have utilized top-notch resources and equipment judiciously in preparing these robust services.


Appointment Schedules

Our electronic health records software aids the patient and physicians in administering and handling their appointments schedule. The system also delivers alerts and notifications from time to time regarding upcoming appointments and consultations.


Effective Communication

Our versatile framework has feature-rich inbuilt technologies and attributes that help in connecting a doctor and patient. They can get in touch with each other directly with this quick and seamless communication process.


Enhanced Access

The medical practitioners, healthcare providers, nurses, and patients have smoother, quicker, and improved access to electronic health and medical records. They have secure reachability to such digital records from any location and at any time.

What Makes Our EMR EHR PHR Unique

Our highly experienced software developers toil hard and leave no stone unturned by developing the software and systems for the clients. It is our aim to make healthcare services easily accessible and improved in quality.



Our team and management are well-known for innovating and rendering software solutions quickly that are adaptable, versatile, and efficient. We develop the best solutions at your disposal within the project deadline.



Whatever specification or requirements you want in your EMR software systems, our experienced and skilled developers will develop that for you. We endeavor to offer customized solutions with exceptional features that meet ends with your business's requisition and necessities.



With the help of top-notch technological developments and tools, we create engaging software solutions that have a user-friendly interface. The user of the application is able to navigate and browse through the app without any complexity or difficulty.



By embedding and integrating the most feasible and empowering technological advancements and devices, we aim at preparing effective systems to enhance the quality of services for the healthcare sectors.


SISGAIN is a notable company that offers EHR integration services. It has qualified management and a team of expert developers who build flexible and dynamic EMR software development for its clients. If you are looking for a team of professionals who can deliver custom-tailored software solutions to you, then we are one the finest EHR integration companies. Keeping in consideration the current day situation and necessities of the medical sectors, we provide interoperable and exceptional EMR EHR PHR systems at cost-friendly prices in no time!

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