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We now have rapid and convenient access to a range of healthcare services thanks to ever- evolving technologies. The days when we kept a file or record of our medical records on paper are long gone. The findings and other health-related reports are now delivered digitally. The development of EMR EHR integration deserves the majority of the credit for such a transformation and evolution. Patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals may now view this information online. On a very safe and secure platform, they are posted, saved, transferred, and accessed. Privacy of health-related records is very important.

SISGAIN is a top provider of electronic medical records software in UAE. With years of exposure to industry, we have established a solid reputation for ourselves. We are able to provide the best solutions with the help and support of our EMR software developers. With our custom EHR software development in the UAE, we can provide you with the featured services your firm needs. Our HIPAA-compliant products adhere to Health Level 7 requirements and regulations (HL7). We work hard to deliver software that is reliable and well-made in order to suit your needs.

Services We Offer


Customized Solutions

For the clients, our knowledgeable and experienced developers created specialised electronic health records software that includes all the changes and features needed by them. Our goal is to offer a practical platform that enables virtual medical consultations between patients and physicians. Appointment booking and scheduling are made easier by the access integrated communication tools. Additionally, it improves and accelerates the users' workflow.

Embedded Telemedicine

Integrating telemedicine

We are one of the top EHR companies in Dubai. With the best EHR systems, we have incorporated our telemedicine system advances. With remote patient monitoring technologies, this connection helps preserve and save an appropriate medical record. We have put the most recent technology in place to help with data collection for the EMR and EHR applications.

Privacy and Compliance

Compliance and Privacy

We make it a top priority to secure patient information and medical data completely from unauthorised and irrelevant parties. We have integrated HIPAA compliance into our software for total data protection and security. Additionally, we adhere to the HL7 standards. We provide a sense of security, scalability, and dependability through these preventative and security measures.

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics in healthcare

When developing the EMR and EHR software in Dubai, our developers employ the most recent and cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Leading technologies, like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data science, help run and analyse the data to produce accurate results and analysis. These forecasts offer advice on how to handle a disease or medical problem better and more effectively. Additionally, it aids in properly archiving them for later use and reference.

Patient Portals

Health Care Portals

We at SISGAIN provide people with electronic patient record software in the UAE. It enables people to actively participate in the services provided for their healthcare. Their access to their medical or health records is better, faster, and safer. It makes it easier for people to communicate with their physicians, plan out their healthcare, and more effectively get prescription drugs online.

EMR EHR Integration Services

Services for Integrating EMR EHR

We can integrate any third-party apps for various reasons, including RCM and billing services, insurance claims, reporting, and more, with the use of our EHR and EMR integration software. This seamless connection helps to improve management's workflow efficiency. We provide the best emr app in the UAE.

Our Qualities For The Medical Sector

We provide the appropriate solutions to the healthcare and medical sectors for an effective and streamlined management workflow after fully comprehending the current conditions and demands.

Features that EMR/EHR Systems Must Have

We have included these crucial elements for the healthcare sector in order to raise the standard of services provided to patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals.



Telemedicine must be integrated into the system since we are dealing with health-related technology. It makes it easier for the users—a patient and a doctor—to communicate virtually. EHR software development for telemedicine results in processes and integration that are smooth.



Our developers provide the e-prescribing tool, which makes it easy to get medical prescriptions in a more direct way. These computerised prescriptions can be delivered directly from the doctors to the local pharmacies, allowing for quicker access to medications and other necessities.

Patient Portal

Health-Care Portal

It helps the patient in developing a self-adequate profile. Through this portal, which is a secure platform, it is simple to arrange appointments, have doctor-patient consultations, request reports, etc.

Revenue Cycle Management

Financial Management

To keep track of the money produced from patients through all of the appointments and medical consultations, we incorporate RCM in our systems.

Automated Clinical Workflows

Clinical Process Automation

The greatest technologies have been merged at SISGAIN to produce a dependable and useful clinical workflow solution. It helps to improve how well and efficiently the healthcare system works.

Customizable Templates

Flexible Templates

To increase productivity, we've included a function that uses personalised templates in our electronic medical record systems. They facilitate speedier data entry for consumers and advance the charting technique.

24/7 Availability

Available 24/7

Our software for digital medical records is web-based, so it can give authorised users continuous access to digital records throughout the day and night. These documents and reports can be used and seen by an authorised user at any suitable time and from any location. We have made sure that the security and information of patients are protected to the best standards with our cloud-based technologies.

Lab Integration

Laboratory Integration

To improve efficiency and effectiveness, our experts have connected the labs with the EMR, EHR & PHR software. Patients can view their test results and reports more quickly and directly since they are posted to the patient's chart on an automated basis.


Improve Performance Quickly

We make available to you the best EHR systems, which help to improve processes in the healthcare systems and increase efficiency.
Say Bye To Paper Documents

Get Rid of Paper Documents

We intend to eliminate paper using our strong EMR and EHR connection. We create excellent solutions that securely and dependably keep all patient information and papers online. Such documents are always accessible to anyone who has been given permission, wherever they are, at any time.

Secure Platform

Protective Platform

We create HL7-compliant software and systems that also adhere to HIPAA regulations. We work hard to guarantee that the platform we offer complies with all safety and security regulations and helps safeguard user information and privacy.

Immaculate Patient Experience

Lessens The Potential For Medical Mistakes

Our programmers produce and provide software that is error-free, assisting in avoiding mistakes and enhancing operations and productivity.

Immaculate Patient Experience

Excellent Patient Experience

We have integrated the greatest and top-notch EMR software development so that your patients will be happy and pleased. We work hard to give patients a great and trouble-free experience.

Best Software for Electronic Medical Records

By developing cutting-edge and compatible software for EMR, EHR, and PHR, we want to improve the quality of healthcare practices and processes.

Important Software Functions For Medical Platform

We provide you with the greatest and most remarkable medical records software available so that you can meet the requirements of the modern healthcare system.

Health Information Exchange

Exchange of Health Data

We help patients, medical professionals, and healthcare providers gain secure and quick access to the patient's medical information and documents with the use of our excellent and efficient HIE solutions.

Assistive Technology

Helpful Technology

With our specialised, adaptable, and user-friendly assistive technology, we work to hasten and enhance the accessibility of resources to persons with special needs.

Health Level-7

Health Level-7

We provide reliable HL7 integrated software that aids in increasing productivity at a reasonable cost. We allow interoperability in the healthcare system by integrating and implementing HL7 in our EHR software.

HIS And Practice Management

Management Practices and HIS

Our HIS software and system assists in quickly leveraging the operations and productivity of your firm with the aid of contemporary technologies and resources.

Customised EMR & EHR Integration

For better results, we have included well-known and essential characteristics in the construction of our EHR solutions in the UAE.
Cost Efficiency

Cost Effectiveness

We work hard to create and offer EHR and EMR solutions that are both highly functional and adaptable at a reasonable price. To prepare these powerful services, we wisely make use of top-notch tools and resources.

Appointment Schedules

Schedules for appointments

Our software for electronic health records helps patients and doctors manage and administer their appointment schedules. Additionally, the system occasionally sends messages and alerts for forthcoming appointments and consultations.

Effective Communication

Successful Communication

Our adaptable framework provides a wealth of features and qualities that support connecting a doctor and patient. They may communicate with one other immediately thanks to this efficient and flawless method.

Enhanced Access

Improved Access

Electronic health and medical records are easier, faster, and more convenient for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to access. Such digital documents are securely accessible to them at all times and from any location.

Why Are Our EMR, EHR, and PHR Special?

As we create the software and systems for the clients, our highly skilled software developers work tediously and carefully. Our goal is to increase the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.



Our team and management are renowned for fast developing adaptive, versatile, and effective software solutions. We create the top solutions available to you by the project's deadline.



Our competent and experienced developers will create your EMR software systems according to any specifications or criteria you provide. We work hard to provide unique, feature-rich solutions that are tailored to your company's needs and requirements.



We produce captivating software solutions with a user-friendly interface with the aid of cutting- edge technological advancements and technologies. The application's user is able to browse and navigate it without any complication or challenge.



We want to create efficient systems to raise the calibre of services provided to the healthcare sectors, and we do this by embedding and integrating the most practical and enabling technical innovations and equipment.

Integrations of EMR and EHR by SISGAIN

A well business SISGAIN provides EHR integration services. It has competent management and an experienced development team that creates adaptable and dynamic EMR software for its customers. We are one of the best EHR integration businesses if you're seeking for a group of experts that can provide you with bespoke software solutions. We quickly deliver outstanding EMR, EHR & PHR solutions that are interoperable and cost-effective while taking into account the demands of the medical sectors today. We are one of the top EMR software companies in the UAE.

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