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The healthcare sector is adopting technology at a very rapid pace. The medical technology market in the United Arab Emirates is anticipated to achieve US $2.88 billion in revenue by 2024. The deeper penetration of technology in the healthcare sector has increased demand for healthcare app and software developers. A report by HIMSS Analytics predicts a 75% increase in healthcare IT jobs by 2027, with a significant portion being software development roles.

Despite the high demand, there needs to be more qualified app developers in healthcare. A study by Accenture found that 74% of healthcare organisations face challenges in attracting and retaining IT talent. Healthcare app development services in UAE are witnessing an upward trend due to the increasing demand for healthcare developers.

The UAE is emerging as a leader in medical technology innovation, attracting international companies and fostering a culture of technological advancement in healthcare. In this blog, we will discuss who are healthcare app developers, what their role is, and how you can find them for your practice.

Who Are Healthcare App Developers?

HealthCar app or software developers are committed programmers who create innovative apps and software that doctors, organisations and patients use. They leverage multiple technologies to create software and apps that help end users provide or access easy medical services.

You can connect with a healthcare app development company in UAE to hire dedicated healthcare app developers. They work with other teams to develop, design, test, and deploy healthcare apps and software. Now let us take a sneak peek into what the role of a healthcare app developer is.


Role Of App Developers In Healthcare Industry

Research and analysis

Healthcare app developers need to carry out intense research to identify key trends and technologies for developing software. A healthcare application development company in UAE carries out thorough market research to find out competitors, existing solutions, target audiences, estimated costs, etc.

Developing healthcare systems

Healthcare developers are responsible for creating modern healthcare systems, including EMR/EHR, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, telehealth, etc. Developers at a healthcare app development agency in UAE use multiple programming languages and frameworks to develop medical software. They work closely with designers to create an easy and attractive user interface.

Testing and quality assurance

After the app is developed, it is tested for bugs and errors. App developers work closely with the testing team to find errors and amend them. The testing team performs multiple tests, like usability, performance, security, scalability, etc., to ensure that the software is free of any defects and ready for end users to use. Healthcare app development UAE ensures that healthcare organisations get apps that are safe to use.

Assistance in launching

The next role that an app developer plays is assisting in launching the app. After an app or software is tested against various parameters and given a green signal by the quality assurance team, it is prepared to be launched on different platforms. A healthcare app development company in UAE makes sure that the app is accepted by the selected platform and goes live for end users.

Maintenance and support

Healthcare app developers are not merely responsible for creating apps. Their role goes way beyond development. After the app is deployed, it must be maintained and updated regularly to check its performance. Regular updates ensure that the app is complying with the changing regulations and incorporating the latest trends.

Cybersecurity measures

Another thing that healthcare app development services in UAE ensure is to take ample security measures to keep patient data safe. They build apps with strong security measures, including encryption and a zero-trust architecture. They ensure that any data is accessed only by authorized personnel.

Compliance with regulations

Developers are responsible for building software that meets stringent data security and privacy regulations like HIPAA, ensuring the protection of sensitive patient information. A healthcare application development company in UAE ensures that they follow industry regulations to provide users with reliable apps and software.

Integrating emerging technologies

To solve complex healthcare problems, healthcare developers leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, etc. AI and ML help doctors analyse large data sets and find key insights. Technologies like blockchain enhance data security, transparency, and interoperability.


How To Hire Healthcare Software Developers

If you want to hire healthcare developers to create custom apps or software for your healthcare practice, then you must go for healthcare application development services in UAE. Finding the best healthcare app development company in UAE can be overwhelming, as there are many options to choose from.

We have listed the following factors you should keep in mind when you want to get healthcare app development solutions in UAE.

Reputation of the organisation

The first thing you must assess is the reputation of the healthcare app development agency in UAE that you are approaching. The reputation of the organisation can be assessed basedon the number of years they have been in the development process, the number of apps and software they have created, the types of clients they have served, etc. You can have a detailed counselling session to verify their authority and reputation.

Domain expertise

The next thing you must check before hiring healthcare app developers is their domain expertise. Say you want an EMR system for your organisation, but the company you are approaching has never developed EMR software. If they have expertise in developing the solution that you are seeking, then you can only expect them to provide you with the best app or software.

Development cost

The development cost is one of the essential factors to consider when planning to get a health app. If you feel like the company that offers healthcare app development solutions in UAE is quoting a very cheap price, chances are they are scamming you. On the flip side, do not fall into the trap that a high price means high quality. Do ample research on your level, and then only fix a price.

Past work

Past work can help you greatly when choosing a healthcare app development agency in UAE. Past work is proof of their expertise. You just go through the portfolio of the company you are considering. Beware of fake portfolios. Ensure that the apps and software they claim to have developed exist in the real world.

Client reviews

Client reviews will make it easy for you to hire healthcare app developers. If you find a lot of bad reviews, then you know what to do. Choose an organisation for healthcare app development UAE that has mostly positive reviews.

After-sales services

After sales services are crucial for any healthcare organisation. Ensure that the healthcare app developers you are hiring are readily available when you face some issues with your app or software. The least you want is an unreachable call to the development company when you can’t access your patient’s data.

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The Bottom Line

As the healthcare industry is booming with digital solutions, the need for healthcare app developers is greater than ever before. Healthcare app and software developers are bringing innovative health apps and software to life. They are involved in everything, from research to deployment. They are propelling the digital revolution in the healthcare sector. If you are a medical professional, then connect with healthcare app developers and get a personalised health app for your practice.

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