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If you are in the UAE, you must have used apps like Sehhaty, Fitocracy, Epocrates, or Heydoc. Just like cab booking and food ordering apps, healthcare apps have also become popular. It’s like having healthcare services at your fingertips. A few clicks, and boom! Your health appointment has been scheduled.

The healthcare sector in the UAE has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. The penetration of technology in medical services has made healthcare professionals provide speedy services. Revenue in the digital health market is projected to reach US$193.70 billion in 2024.

Healthcare app development services in UAE have also seen a growing trend due to the increasing demand for innovative health apps. A healthcare app development company in UAE is responsible for creating health apps and software that comply with the needs of people in the UAE.

But do you know why these apps and software have become so popular in recent years? Why is healthcare app development UAE increasing every day? Let’s look at the major reasons that have led to the vast adoption of healthcare software in the UAE.

What Are Healthcare Software?

Healthcare software and apps are digital solutions that are used by both patients and healthcare providers to streamline healthcare services. Long gone are the days when patients had to visit clinics and hospitals for minor issues. Patients also had to wait a long time to get an appointment with the doctor.

But that’s not the case anymore. Today, there are multiple healthcare apps for different purposes. If you want to book an appointment, you have an app. If you want to have a virtual consultation with your doctor, you have an app. If you want to order medicine, you have an app. If you want reminders for your medication, you have an app.

This list can go on and on. Healthcare professionals have healthcare software, including EMR/EHR software, remote patient monitoring software, hospital information systems, etc. These software have made it super easy for medical professionals to manage patient records, provide remote services, and manage the entire hospital facility.

Types Of Healthcare Software

A healthcare app development agency in UAE is proficient in building multiple healthcare software with innovative and futuristic features. Let’s look at the list of these software:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Lab Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Patient Management Software
  • Medical billing
  • Pharmacy management

What Are The Benefits Of Healthcare Software?

For Patients:
➤ Improved access and convenience

Healthcare apps and software have made it super easy for patients to have their medical records stored in one place. Personal Health Record (PHR) software allows patients to store their medical history and treatments. They always have this information handy and can use it when needed.

➤ Enhanced communication and engagement

Patient portals allow patients to easily connect with their healthcare providers, book appointments, and send messages. This healthcare software has increased patient-provider communication, which has resulted in precise medical services.

➤ Empowerment and proactive care

Wearable devices help patients track their vitals. RPM software collects data from these devices and transmits it to the concerned healthcare provider. This way, the patient also has access to their health metrics and can proactively monitor their progress.

➤ Reduced medical errors

Healthcare software is not prone to human errors. Healthcare app development company in UAE have provided healthcare organisations with robust medical software that has helped them automate redundant tasks and minimise errors.

For Doctors:
➤ Increased efficiency and productivity

Healthcare software has boosted productivity by automating tasks like sending reminders, scheduling appointments, and reducing paperwork. EHR software allows for easy access to patient medical histories.

➤ Enhanced clinical decision-making

Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) analyse patient data and provide evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and medication plans. AI-powered algorithms and imaging technologies lead to better patient outcomes.

➤ Improved patient communication and engagement

Telemedicine apps allow easy communication between patients and providers. In-app chat options allow patients to share images and videos of their ailments.

For Organisations:
➤ Reduced administrative costs

Healthcare software can automate many tasks, leading to reduced administrative costs. The rise in remote patient monitoring services has reduced admission rates, which has significantly cut costs.

➤ Better resource allocation

Healthcare software provides data-driven insights to help optimise staffing, equipment use, and other resources. This further reduces unnecessary expenses.

➤ Improved staff communication and collaboration

Healthcare software also leads to improved communication between departments. Easy access to patient data facilitates faster decision-making.

Emerging Trends In Healthcare App Development UAE
➤ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI-powered algorithms will be capable of performing sophisticated tasks like medical image analysis, leading to improved diagnostic accuracy and personalised treatment plans. Additionally, ML-driven virtual assistants will offer enhanced patient support and information access.

➤ Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

IoMT promises to transform healthcare delivery by interconnecting medical devices and wearables with healthcare apps. This seamless data exchange will facilitate real-time patient monitoring, enabling proactive interventions and improved chronic disease management.

➤Blockchain Technology

Blockchain's inherent security and immutability offer a unique solution for healthcare data management. By creating a decentralised and tamper-proof ledger of medical records, blockchain technology can empower patients with data ownership and control.

➤ Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR applications can provide surgeons with real-time anatomical overlays during surgery. VR environments can be utilised for therapeutic purposes, such as treating phobias or managing chronic pain.

Choosing Between Off-the-shelf And Custom Healthcare Software

Although there are multiple healthcare software available online that are ready to use, opting for custom healthcare app development services in UAE will provide you with a solution that will address your needs and requirements. Although it may take time to have customised healthcare software for your practice, it is worth the wait. You can connect with a healthcare app development company in UAE like SISGAIN, that is adept at creating custom healthcare apps. Give us a call today and let us schedule a counselling session with you.

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