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Guess what? You can not just use mobile apps for playing games and scrolling through social media. You can do a lot more with them. Like tracking fitness, nutrition levels, daily water intake, medicine reminders, talking with your doctors, and much more. You can also book appointments with your healthcare provider. Or you can just have virtual consultations.

Isn’t it amazing how convenient personal healthcare has become? There is no better feeling you get when you are in charge of your health. mHealth has gained prominence over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the adoption of healthcare apps. People have become more health-conscious and have started investing their time and money in looking after it.

Healthcare apps are helping not only patients but doctors and healthcare professionals as well. Healthcare apps that are developed exclusively for doctors are helping them automate many tasks. Healthcare app development services in UAE have also increased in demand. The global mHealth apps market was valued at USD 43.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.6% from 2023 to 2030.

There are already more than 350,000 health-related apps available on the top app stores worldwide. And this figure is increasing daily. If you have an app idea that will help its users get better healthcare services or improve their health, then you must find a healthcare app development company in UAE.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what mobile healthcare apps are, what their features are, and how they benefit users.

What Are Healthcare Mobile Apps?


Healthcare mobile apps are software applications designed to improve the delivery of healthcare services to patients. They are designed specifically to be used on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. These mobile health apps can be used for many purposes. Whether you want just to track the number of steps you walk in the day or manage a chronic disease, mHealth apps are helping users every step of the way.

Healthcare app development solutions in UAE are facilitating users with innovative apps that are making their lives easier. You must have used a mHealth app by now. There are so many healthcare apps already available on the market. Let us check out some popular apps:

  • ➾ Headspace
  • ➾ Doctor on Demand
  • ➾ Fitbit
  • ➾ Amwell
  • ➾ Epocrates
  • ➾ Welldoc
  • ➾ WebMD
  • ➾ Healow
  • ➾ Google Fit

How Are Healthcare Apps Helping The Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare application development services in UAE are creating innovative apps for patients, doctors, and healthcare organisations. Just like other apps, healthcare apps also offer many benefits. Let’s explore them.

Benefits For Patients


24/7 Access to Care: Schedule appointments, consult doctors virtually, and manage prescriptions anytime, anywhere.

Health Data Tracking: Monitor vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence easily.

Medical Record Management: Securely store and access medical records, lab results, and doctor's notes.

Reduced Waiting Times: Skip long waiting room visits for minor concerns through telemedicine consultations.

Chronic Condition Management: Track symptoms, medications, and progress related to chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma.

Preventative Measures: Receive reminders for screenings, vaccinations, and preventive health checks.

Wellness and Fitness Tracking: Monitor steps, sleep patterns, and diet to make informed lifestyle choices.

Direct Communication with Doctors: Send messages, ask questions, and clarify concerns with healthcare providers easily.

Cost Savings: Potentially reduce healthcare expenses through early detection, preventive measures, and virtual consultations.

Benefits for doctors


Reduced administrative tasks: Many healthcare apps can automate routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending reminders to patients, and managing medical records. This can free up doctors' time so they can focus on providing patient care.

Streamlined communication: Healthcare apps can help doctors communicate with patients and other healthcare providers more easily and efficiently. This can improve care coordination while lowering the risk of errors.

Enhanced data access: Healthcare apps can provide doctors with easy access to patient data, such as medical records, lab results, and imaging studies. This can help them make more informed decisions about patient care.

Remote patient monitoring: Some healthcare apps allow doctors to monitor patients' health remotely. This is especially useful for patients with chronic conditions or who live in rural areas.

Telemedicine: Healthcare apps can be used for telemedicine consultations, which allow doctors to see patients virtually. This can be a convenient option for patients who have difficulty travelling or who have short-term illnesses.

Patient engagement: Healthcare apps can help patients stay engaged in their own care. This can lead to better health outcomes.

Benefits for organisations


Streamlined Workflows: Apps can automate appointment reminders, billing procedures, and data collection, freeing up staff time for patient care.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Online appointment booking and pre-visit questionnaires minimise paperwork and wait times, improving resource allocation.

Data-Driven Insights: Real-time data collected through apps allows for better monitoring of population health trends, resource allocation, and service optimization.

Telehealth Expansion: Apps enable virtual consultations, reducing patient travel costs and increasing access to care, especially in remote areas.

Cost Reduction: Improved self-management and preventive care through apps can potentially lead to fewer hospital admissions and lower overall healthcare costs.

New Revenue Streams: Healthcare organizations can develop and offer branded apps for patient engagement, education, or data-driven insights, generating additional income.

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The Future Of Healthcare App Development

The future of healthcare app development is bright. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, etc. are making mHealth apps more advanced. A healthcare app development agency in UAE is integrating these technologies to create apps that help users look after their health. We are witnessing the evolution of:

Personalized Care: Apps that tailor themselves to your unique needs, predict risks and guide you towards optimal health.

Remote Revolution: Seamless virtual consultations, real-time health monitoring, and instant access to support, all from the comfort of your home.

Data-Driven Decisions: AI-powered insights that empower both patients and providers, leading to more informed diagnoses and treatment plans.

Preventive Power: Proactive apps that identify potential health issues early, empowering you to take control before symptoms arise.

Get Healthcare App Development Services In UAE With SISGAIN


SISGAIN is a well-known name in the realm of healthcare app development UAE. We have worked with multiple healthcare organisations to create personalised apps. Our healthcare app developers have created multiple applications that are used widely by people to track their health.

Do you also have an amazing app idea that will help people improve their health? Or are you looking for an app that will help you connect with your patients? Whatever your needs are, we can fulfil it. Connect with us today and let our healthcare application development solutions in UAE provide you with a powerful mobile health app.

Summing Up!

Healthcare apps are no doubt bringing necessary changes in the healthcare industry. These apps are bringing patients closer to their providers. Fitness apps are making people more health conscious and lead a healthy life. The integration of artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and AR/VR is only increasing the functionality of mHealth apps. These healthcare apps have so much to offer to patients, doctors, and healthcare organisations. If you have an amazing healthcare app idea, do not let it waste. Connect with a healthcare application development company in UAE and make your idea a reality.

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