Looking around, we find that almost everything is getting transformed and evolved into a better version. Instead of going to cafes or restaurants, we can get the same delicious food delivered at our home. Shopping can happen online without exploring malls. And in a similar way, we can now get in touch with physicians online without actually visiting the clinics or medical centers! Does that not sound great to you!

Such advancements in the healthcare industry have changed the face of its workflow. Now, patients who live far away or in rural areas have the same access to healthcare as we do in metropolitan areas! Thanks to the creation and availability of telemedicine app development solutions. If this term seems foreign and new to you, let us elaborate on it before we learn its scope!

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the latest and advanced techniques of the healthcare industry for making their services quickly available to the people. It also promotes healthcare education via advanced technology from any remote location.

With the help of telehealth app development, a doctor and a patient can communicate and connect quickly and effortlessly for virtual consultation or conferences. In addition to that, healthcare practitioners can treat patients virtually. It is a better way of saving the time and money of both users.

The term telehealth is a pretty broad concept. It consists of three significant subsets. Let us find them out!

1- Tele Education :

The type of education system that many of us are familiar with is the traditional one. Here, both the teacher and the student are present in person in the class. But, since the time of the covid-19 pandemic, the offline mode of education shifted to online sessions. Is that not true? 

Tele education enables the students to get educated and learn about health care routines and plan virtually. Video lectures and electronic notes help them understand the concepts better. Such a convenient and helpful way of studying makes Tele-education a vital aspect of telehealth.

2- Telemedicine :

It is one of the most famous and essential parts of telehealth. It is an advancement that grants medical consultations from doctors to the patient through virtual means. With the help of technologies and tools, a software engineer can build an operative model for telemedicine application development.

Over the years, it has earned a good name for itself. A majority of the patients prefer this virtual doctor-patient consultation over in-person appointments. Do you know the reason behind that? It is because it is a much easier and comfortable way of reaching and connecting with the doctors.

Using smart devices like phones, computers, watches, and more, a person can avail of its services. The virtual and online consultation can take place through audio/video calls or text chats.

3- Patient Portal :

It is a descriptive panel made for the patients. Here, they can upload the history of their medical issue or prescriptions, book appointments with doctors, attend online consultations, and more. The healthcare specialists share the diagnosis or report analysis on this portal.

Things to Consider Before Developing Custom Telemedicine App

As we offer top-notch telemedicine app development in UAE, we know what to consider before building telemedicine software.

1) Target Audience

Before you begin to create telemedicine app development solutions, it is necessary to decide the public for the product. It will help you in incorporating the right features and services into the application. For instance, you can offer a platform for chronic disease patients by developing a suitable RPM app. In that way, you are able to reach the right people and increase your visibility! That sounds like a great idea! Does it not?

2) Technology and Tools

Nowadays, we have a variety of technologies available to us. It is the duty of an adept developer to pick and use the most appropriate technologies in telemedicine application development. By integrating and combining the best tools and tech, a developer can design an effective and smooth app for the purpose.

3)  Detailed history

We do not have to express or elaborate on the huge role that money plays! That sounds about right. Is that not right? And when it comes to building a reliable and working telemedicine app development in UAE, you have to keep in mind the expenses required. That is why one has to plan and decide the amount of money they are willing to spend before. Your cost expense and budget would be helpful in finalizing the features in telemedicine app development solutions.

Scope of Telemedicine Application Development

Technology has done wonders to the availability and accessibility of healthcare services. And since the covid-19 situation, the popularity and demand for them have sky-rocketed! Is that not true? It helped doctors, practitioners, and nurses in providing medical attention to a large number of patients. In recent years, the growth of the telemedicine industry saw positive outcomes.

Thanks to these services, a patient and a physician can have appointment sessions quickly. It has helped in saving time and costs for transportation. In addition to that, the fee for these online meetings is much more affordable than the in-person appointments.

1. The telemedicine market is expected to expand and grow by many folds in the coming years.

2. According to the NRHA, the understaffing issues of healthcare personnel would be met and satisfied by telemedicine app development solutions.

3. Surveys revealed that most of the patients like and favor virtual doctor consultations over in-person appointments.

4. These solutions have enhanced and improved the state of anxiety-prone and introverted patients as they do not have to confront the hospital crowd or doctors regularly.

5. HealthTech’s studies say that the telemedicine app development solutions and services are much more cost-friendly and easily accessible to people.


Telemedicine apps are very vital and crucial to meet the current requirements of the users. SISGAIN is a top-notch telemedicine app development company. They have qualified and skilled developers. They design and deliver outstanding and customized solutions for telemedicine app development in UAE. So, if you are looking for such services and solutions, we can help you with that.

Amina Sultan

Amina Sultan is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller Everybody Writes: Your go to Guide to creating Ridiculously Good Content. She is the Chief Content Officer of SISGAIN; a Entrepreneur magazine; a Linkedin Influencer; a keynote speaker and technical writer.