Millions of people across the globe use smartphones. They have the feature of getting access to the internet which makes them portable and easy to use when compared to desktops. People are using mobile phones in their daily lives and it has now become an important aspect of everyone’s life. Recent studies have found that teenagers and college students in UAE check their mobile phones as soon as they wake up. Mobile phones are used in every activity such as taking notes, putting reminders, setting alarms, fire alert systems inside the house, and GPS location. These are only a handful of services we have mentioned but there are hundreds of activities that can be done using mobile phones.

Small as well as big businesses are using these mobile phones to promote their businesses through their company’s mobile apps or digital marketing. They cajole the public into downloading their apps through various digital marketing tactics. Once the app is downloaded they provide them with detailed information about their products and services. People also read reviews and based on those reviews they use the app. Some apps are website-friendly and can help businesses reach a greater audience.

According to the research done by SISGAIN, one of the best mobile app development companies in UAE, It has been found that around 30-35 apps are found in the mobile phones of young people. Now can you believe that to have control over the usage of each app mobile phones come with apps having features that can lock the apps for the whole day? You can only use it for a certain period.

There are two operating systems for which mobile app developers create apps. These are Android and iOS. Android is one of the most used and famous operating systems used for mobile applications. It provides access to other mobile phone developers to develop apps for this platform. The marketing strategy includes more free applications than the compared ones. Android is cost-effective and can be helpful to small businesses that cannot invest so much money in the beginning. Businesses can make themselves available in the Google play store through their apps. To date, there are at least 1.3 million applications available on it. On the other hand, iOS doesn’t allow other mobile companies to get access to this operating system. This is only limited to iPhones. Though Android covers more than half of the world’s market, iOS has given tough competition to Android. You will learn about the reason for this in this blog.

SISGAIN is known to be among the top mobile app development companies in UAE that provide the best iPhone iOS mobile application development services company in UAE. Here are five IoT-based iPhone mobile app development services that can be designed by SISGAIN developers.

  • SISGAIN developers develop iOS-based apps for iPhones that provide notifications to customers regarding the different businesses. They provide information related to in-store purchases and offers. Customers’ information is sent to the retailer regarding their past purchase history.
  • iPhones and iPad guide the event management companies to provide information to their visitors about the event, schedule, itinerary, and objects that will be in the exhibition. Visitors can use this information to get complete detail about the participating persons and can even place an order if they want to visit again. It helps the people in booking an upcoming event, buying tickets and bookings seats.
  • The iOS technology is being used by providing free apps on the Apple store so that people can anonymously find people with similar interests and then, can connect. This has taken the era of social networking to a new level. People can introduce themselves on an online platform. They can read about their bio and achievements. In the era of the pandemic, this feature has made it convenient for people to socialize with strangers.
  • The iOS AI can help people control their household appliances remotely. It can help switch off all the electrical appliances in case of lightning and thunderstorm. People can also ask to switch off the lights when they don’t want to get up from their bed. The application can now perform more difficult activities, for example, making setting focused groupings in classes like zones, scenes, and rooms. Further, Siri combination infers one never again needs to genuinely tap the gadget, yet just provide a voice order to execute tasks.
  • iOS apps can use GPS systems to track the weather condition of a place. This helps people in doing various tasks like drying cereals or washing and drying clothes. Moreover, it helps the farmers in tracking the finest day when they can sow seeds and start with the farming process. It helps them in finding out the best optimum fertilizer for their plants and also gives information on soil conditions. They also provide the best period to sell the crops so that they earn a maximum profit. iOS apps can also help the farmers detect the moisture in the soil

If you are looking for the best iPhone iOS application development services company in UAE. Then, SISGAIN is at your service. We provide doorstep delivery of your app. We focus on the requirements of our clients and the whole procedure of developing an app remains transparent. We ensure that the apps can be upgraded with time so that the clients don’t have to invest their money again

Amina Sultan

Amina Sultan is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller Everybody Writes: Your go to Guide to creating Ridiculously Good Content. She is the Chief Content Officer of SISGAIN; a Entrepreneur magazine; a Linkedin Influencer; a keynote speaker and technical writer.